CONSULTATION REVIEW A Rude Doctor That Tried to Overcharge Me for Nose Job. Los Angeles, CA

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This is my experience from Ghavami. I went to see...

This is my experience from Ghavami.
I went to see him for a consultaion and doctor Ghavami very rapidly explained
what needed to be done. There was no room at all for the many questions I had.
He became rude when I asked questions. I also felt that he was offended with
me asking questions about my surgery. How rude is it to not let a person ask
questions about a nose job?????. He ended the consultation and referred to the many people waiting. I was more or less thrown out of the room. The office is packed with people so he is very stressed.

Later I got the quote from Ghavami for my nose job. There was (among other things) a
"turbinoplasty" and a "rib cartilage graft" specified in the quote.

Since I still had unanswered questions about my surgery, I mailed Ghavamis
office but only a few of my questions were very briefly answered (probably by his administration and not by Ghavami himself). So I was left with a bunch of unanswered questions.
This really got me thinking about going to another plastic surgeon.

A month later I went to another plastic surgeon that told me that
turbinoplasy and rib cartilage graft was not necessary at all for my nose.
I have now had my rhinoplasy at this other doctor and the result
is absolutely fantastic. I can also breathe better now, it was
the deviated septum that was making it hard to breathe and it was
not at all turbinoplasty related. He fixed my nose with less procedures than
Ghavami was going to and it was also a lot cheaper. I also believe
that I got a better result than Ghavami could have given me.

So my advice to people seeking a plastic surgeon is to carefully
evaluate your whole experience with the doctor. Follow your gut feeling
when you meet the doctor and then carefully think everything through
before you go through with surgery. I can also recommend that you
consult at least one more plastic surgeon to get a second opinion.
A second opinion is always good to have.
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