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Hi, I had a nose job almost 2years ago; I had...


I had a nose job almost 2years ago; I had the worst surgeon in LA. Very un professional, rude, the whole office the stuff is rude, when you go for consultation, they are so fake with you, they make you think he is the only surgeon!

I made the biggest mistake of my life, I wish I have never ever gone, to this doctor. Unfortunately I didn’t research, It has been the longest 2 years of my life from, happy full of life person to a very sad and depressed person, from a beautiful smile to an alien looking.

I asked him not break any bone, I need a very small change to the tip of my nose, they scheduled me right away, the next day I went for surgery, I had second thought, I start taking to him, I wasn’t finished talking to him, I was in sleep, when wake up he was done working on me. During consultation, I have ask him please I do not want my nose to be to pinched or upward or broke any bones, I wanted a very small, change. He brooked my bone, made my nose to short, flat, V-shape upward, pinched!

I called for the follow up, they don’t bother to follow up with you, when I entered to the office, I waited for a long time, he looked at my nose and he injected to my nose, because he took to much cartage, he told me to wait a year, he can’t do anything, I have been waiting for past 2 years, and the result is very bad! I mean it looks very unnatural, I hate my nose! And the same time the biggest problem when I smile my upper lip hanging low covers my teeth.

I want my beautiful smile back! I want to look natural again! I am so scared to go fix his mistake, I have been searching to find revision expert!

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