Primary Rhiniplasty - Not Worth It

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I had a primary rhinoplasty last year. I requested...

I had a primary rhinoplasty last year. I requested a conservative rhinoplasty. My request was to narrow the bridge width and nostrils conservatively. I specifically made it known to the doctor(s) that I did not want a pinched look and that I wanted to still look like myself. I was looking for a subtle but noticeable change. As soon as the cast came off, I was satisfied with what I saw although there was swelling present. However, I soon noticed how asymmetrical looking my nostrils were. Approximately one to two months post-up, I began to notice an indentation to the right side at the supra alar crease region. I was told that my nose was still swollen and that it would take up to one year to see the final results. This is the normal spill the doctors give you. I knew in my gut that my results were going to be subpar. However, I maintained a positive outlook anyway. In the end, I was correct about my initial assessment. The results I got were a pinched, unnatural looking, asymmetrical nose. I began searching for second opinions. I did not trust that the doctors that performed my primary rhinoplasty could perform my revision rhinoplasty and produce a satisfactory outcome. I felt that if the doctors could not produce acceptable results after performing my conservative primary rhinoplasty I most definitely could not trust the doctors to perform a revision on my nose. The doctors denied my request for a partial refund. I did not get what I bargained for and I most definitely DO NOT believe my results were in any way acceptable or excusable. Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will receive satisfactory results just because the doctor's website shows presentable before and after photos.
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