Rhinoplasty- 3 Month Post Op

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Ever since I was in my teens I have not liked my...

Ever since I was in my teens I have not liked my nose. Growing up it did not bother me as much. However, now that I'm almost hitting the quarter century mark, I have been obsessing about it quite a bit. I think my nose is a bit large for my face and the bump on it makes it look very unattractive. After thinking and deliberating excessively about it, I've finally decided to see some plastic surgeons to get the ball rolling. I have narrowed my search down to two doctors - Dr Kanodia and Dr Ghavami. Both seem to have some great results posted online however two very different approaches to the same procedure. I will be seeing them in about two weeks from now - So excited!!

I just called their clinics today to book the appointment. The receptionist at Dr Kanodia seemed warm and friendly over the phone. She answered all the random questions I had such as the cost of the consultation, insurance, things I needed to bring/do at the appointment.

The receptionist in Dr. Ghavami's office seemed rather rushed and was eager to get my credit card details to have on file. Strangely I would have assumed the attitude between the clinics would have been the other way around given Kanodia is rumoured to have done nose of so many celebrities. Fingers crossed - hope the appointment goes well.

What were the questions you asked during your consult with the surgeon? Any tips? Any members out there who did have procedures done with either of these doctors - Words of advice?

3 months Post Op

I am 3 months post op after my septa rhinoplasty today. I had my surgery with Dr Kanodia. The healing is coming along okay. Not as swollen as before but still have some issues. Along my bridge there appears to be a bump which makes my nose look crooked on the 3/4th view. Also the nose seems to be pointing to the right where the deviation was. Im hoping and praying after a few more months this all evens out. Any one else have similiar experiences?
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