What Caused My Skin Reaction After Nose Surgery? - Los Angeles, CA

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5 years ago I had rhinoplasty surgery. Within 24...

5 years ago I had rhinoplasty surgery. Within 24 hours post op the skin on my nose was red, swollen, hot & itchy. My plastic surgeon took the bandages off & put me on steroids. He was dumbfounded at the severity of the reaction on my nose. The surgery has left my entire nose red. My doctor's best guess at what caused the reaction was the Mastisol adhesive. My best guesses are that I was taking an ample amount of Arnica Montana in an attempt to heal quickly & was using benzoyl peroxide face wash up to 2 weeks before surgery. 

Now I am looking at having a revision because I think removing all of the bandages and split early caused my nose to kind of stretch out & because I have developed a bump on my dorsum. I realize that revisions aren't uncommon, but my question is; if any of you have had this experience with patients, or any ideas of what caused this skin reaction. I've decided to have lasers done for the redness, but I'm not sure if I should have them done before the revision, because it's possible I could have a reaction again. Thanks in advance.
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