freaked out !!! - Los Angeles, CA

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I had restalyne aprox .3 cc from a .5cc syringe i...

I had restalyne aprox .3 cc from a .5cc syringe i purchased injected yesterday into my bottom lip only (my top lip I was happy with ) i felt confident and looked good enough to return to work. That evening I had very little swelling, I woke up at 1am to find my lip had swollen uncontrolabley and looked like a sausage! Quickly I grabbed a Budweiser can out of the fridge and used it as a cold compress ,I just moved and didn't have ice in the freezer. I freaked out to say the least, I text my boss knowing there was no way I could show my face at work. Needless to say the bud helped ...I fell asleep (finally ) at 5am and woke up at 7am to find the swelling had subsided about 30-40%! I'm ecstatic.
If you've recently had lip augmentation please expect swelling and don't panic I assure u my swelling was horrifying and is still quite big but it will get better.

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I would definitely do it again given that the swelling goes down just a little more which I anticipate it will after seeing the dramatic decrease from last night to this morning.

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