Can It Be Repaired at Age 80? - Los Angeles, CA

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Had Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer and told must...

Had Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer and told must have surgery asap. Surgeon did a mastectomy six months ago and left my chest looking horrible. Fortunately, it was Stage 1 and didn't travel. No chemo or radiation needed. Seems I found it early. But taking expensive and dangerous drug Ledrozole. It can keep the Cancer from returning, but it can give me Osterporosis. I have about five incisions and awful thick seams on my chest. Constant ache. Cannot wear any kind of a bra. Can only wear blouses that are too big to hide my chest. Do I want to get breast implant(s)? To repair or not. Who could do this to fix it? Should I do it at my age? Suggestions requested.
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Cannot say anything nice about the surgeon. He had no bedside manner, was rude after surgery and even more rude when I went to have drains removed. He told me nothing about what I would need to do after surgery, i.e. physical and occupational therapy. He said horrible things to me at the checkup. Never would recommend him. Never went to him again after the checkup. Saw other doctors who all said the word "Horrible" but at the time, offered no suggestions.

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