Do Not Use This Product in the Under Eye Area - Los Angeles, CA

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Had the same Doctor inject Radiesse in my outer...

Had the same Doctor inject Radiesse in my outer and lower cheek area with good results. When I began to have hollowness under the eyes just below the lower eye lids I asked the doctor to add something to restore that lost volume. Trusting his judgment to use the right product, he once again decided to use Radiesse . What a mistake this was. It wasn't until later that I read from the manufacturer that Radiesse is not recommended for this area. I don't understand why my doctor chose to use this product in this area without at least informing me of the known risks. The product left me with brownish red half circles under both eyes with a hard half circle lump under under one eye which is still there to this day. The discoloration has faded a little but the lump hasn't changed.
It wasn't until later that I realized that this is a common experience when this product is used in this area. So all I can say is do as much research as you can on any product that you use, and don't blindly assume that your doctor will do the right thing. This was a board certified plastic surgeon. After going to an oculoplastic surgeon he said he would never use Radiesse in this region. Just do your homework and don't be afraid to question your doctors choices if they conflict with available information
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