It Works-ish - Los Angeles, CA

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So il start out by saying that it does work... but...

So il start out by saying that it does work... but not how you think its going to work. The best way i can describe it is: you know how you feel your skinniest in the morning? When you've been in the horizontal position for 8 hours and your stomach is the flattest it will be all day? Liposculpture sort of does that, in a way.

Its too subtle to change the way your clothes fit, im not sure i ever saw i difference in my measurements and good luck with the before and after pictures, I have 3 dozen ridiculous pictures that are supposed to be afters. Its just one of those things only you can tell.

And ok, sure.. you are not cut up and bruising but there is definitely pain involved. Its very weird, its like the tissue/fat directly below your skin hurts so badly (between your skin and muscles). I was able to situps all day but was in excruciating if tried to jump, for example. The process itself is NOT fun, the most uncomfortable hour ive ever experienced.

With all that being said, I would consider doing this again if it was offered at 25% of what i paid.

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