MY Sculptor…My Michelangelo….My Doctor …Doctor Kenneth Hughes

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MY Sculptor…My Michelangelo….My Doctor …Do...

MY Sculptor…My Michelangelo….My Doctor …Doctor Kenneth Hughes

2 Oct 2016 18 days post

I’m not going to lie; I am nervous, afraid, verging on petrified – what if I didn’t choose the best plastic surgeon and now I am faced with complications, costs, heartache, and regret. I’ve read some blogs literally scarring me to death- lumps, disfigurement, ruination of sexual drive, and money thrown down the toilet. Shoot, am I really going to do this?

You bet your Arse! Literally, I am going to have full body liposuction and a new butt. Did I mention my flat sagging butt is going to become a youthful full butt. No magic wand- just expertise and good old fashion experience.

Positive thinking - “I’m going to look TERRIFIC!” “I’ve got the BEST EVER Plastic Surgeon- who might I add appears to even have a pretty nifty/exceptional/out of this world academic background. Hey that’s just a plus in my books.”

…WAIT FOR IT… who did I choose. ..wait for it…why did I choose… wait for it...

…..DOCTOR KENNETH HUGHES… shouting from the rooftop because I am so happy I made the decision to have Doctor Hughes from Hughes Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, Ca mold, subtract, and add to my body to create the Best “ME Body” I can have.

WHY did I choose this Doctor out of a multitude of Doctors?

1. Experience- Doctor Hughes experience “blew me out of the water.” Definitely he is a surgeon that has “seen that – done that- .“ Real Self and Hughes Plastic Surgery website states Doctor Hughes has performed multiple procedures- and he has written textbook chapters.

In 2015 he performed approximately 1200 surgeries. Oh thank goodness, not a doctor with a flashy website, spa treatment center, and hyped up costly products for my face; but, a Doctor who literally spends his time performing the very operations/procedures I want. 30 surgeries each week!!!!! I am sure he has “seen it all” most literally.

Little nervous he might be tired when its time to get to my body. I’ll just have to wait to meet the Doctor to see what his energy level and stamina say about that nagging thought. Hey he’s young (guessing 40s), works out, body builder, athlete, nutritionist, and appears to be more than capable of sustaining work quality. I especially like the fact having performed so many surgeries he is more efficient, able to anticipate, and gets the operation done quicker so that I am not under longer than absolutely necessary.

2. Costs- not the cheapest coming in at 13,000 dollars, but not the most expensive. Can I come up with that cash? Well Lorene, the office coordinator, told me about credit card options, financing options, and is willing to allow me to make payments. Mind you – of course like all good office managers she does say I need to pay in full before the operation. She was very helpful. This makes perfect sense to me. Also, paying in full before surgery seems pretty standard procedure in the cosmetic surgery industry.

3. Location: only 2 to 3 hours from my home- this is an unintentional perk. I might stay at a local hotel, after care surgery center like Serenity, or drive home. Lorene, the office coordinator, sent me ideas where to stay.

4. Bedside Manner- well I haven’t met him yet. I am not necessarily wild about his website picture. The picture shows a confident man, but doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling. His stance is a little intimidating and lets be honest “cocky.” I’m wondering if he will be a listener or a talker.

5. Website- Overall the website while not polished provides a lot of useful information in helping determine that Doctor Hughes will be my surgeon/sculptor. LOTS and LOTs of patient pictures and testimonials. Not all the patients look like they started with rocking young bodies and one picture actually scarred me. I appreciate the diversity of his clientele and He willingness to put all people on his website regardless of shape and size. These are REAL PEOPLE and not doctored photos- “flaws and all” I saw dramatic improvement and a doctor who knows a woman’s body. My Goodness if you take the time to read the tab “Dr. Hughes” you too will be utterly impressed.

6. Realself- Doctor Hughes gets “high fives” on this website where women “tell it like it is.” Many times the disgruntled or upset person is the person that takes the time to write. Doctor Hughes looks good on the Realself site, not to mention I noticed he takes time to respond to REALSELF women who have questions. I like his responses- fair and knowledgeable answers.

7. EMAIL - Doctor Hughes response time is incredible. I sent the Doctor my pictures and received a short to the point email quickly explaining what He felt was reasonable. Next day I called to speak with the office manager who gave me the quote and I set the day for our first face-to-face contact and put down money to reserve a surgery day.

Also, I read about another patient who needed Doctor Hughes after surgery and he met her or her representative immediately. (Don’t remember details, but overall jest is Doctor Hughes personally when out of his way after hours to ensure patient’s pain management was under control. WOW!!

Ok did I really set surgery day without meeting him first. Yep, the research I did gave me confidence Doctor Hughes is a great butt man, sculptor, and all around surgeon. What if when I arrive he is an arrogant “butt hole.” I tell myself that doesn’t matter-I wont have to listen to him in the surgical room- I’ll be asleep. I’m not paying for him to coon to me soft lovelies about my “big day” or my transformation; but to transform what I have into the best “ME BODY.”

I’ve made my decision and now I need to move on to preparing for our first meeting. And, “NO” I’m not being paid for this blog- I’m doing it because I am a “researcher researcher researcher” and want YOU to benefit from my findings. I didn’t find his name right away when I began my search for my “Michelangelo” – so I am hoping you will find it sooner than I did.

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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Met by Magda, his front office, she was very nice and put me right at ease. Next, I met with Mr. Robson, nurse, he was fantastic. Then I met Doctor Hughes. Boy, was I surprised. Not only were his credentials and experience out of this world, but the man himself was a listener. He cared about what I wanted. He took time to answer my questions. Even after I left, I thought of several more and went back to the office and he took the time to respond. Meeting him in person, put a real person to all the material I read on line. My original fears that someone so gifted and able to rejuvenate a woman's body maybe arrogant was put to rest. Doctor Hughes is quiet, confident, and caring. I felt/feel Doctor Hughes is talented, and knows what I personally am looking for - he is definitely going to sculpt my body into the best "me body". I'd say one word to sum up my first in person meeting with Doctor Hughes is he is a "listener".

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