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I wanted to try something to tighten pores. I'm...

I wanted to try something to tighten pores. I'm 34yr old female with good skin but still was noticing enlarged pores that I hated. I heard of Clear and Brilliant which is a New "low level Fraxel", half the cost, half the downtime and half the results for people who want to maintain - not necessarily correct their skin texture. I went in at 3:15pm, she took before pictures and then applied numbing cream for 30 minutes that turned clear. It actually tingled, stung a bit and turned my skin a little red. Oh and try not to get any in your mouth.

At 3:45pm she wiped it off and started the procedure. She went up, down and sideways all over the face starting with my cheeks with a wand the sized of a dime. Then my chin, upper lip, nose and lastly forehead and then around my eyes. I heard a sinjing sound and asked if it was hair. She said no, it's the electric pulses. Oh forgot to mention - she told me it would not hurt, especially as much as fraxil would. I told her on a scale it was a 6 - I was lying. My face was on fire! I actually had a tear coming down and she had to give me a tissue, quite embarassing.  I recommend taking ibuprofen beforehand. After the procedure, which lasted about 10 min, she asked if I needed a fan and I declined. She then put moisturizer and sunscreen on my face and showed me my face in the mirror. I was red. Not boo bad, just sunburn red. And it still stung. She told me that I can wash my face that night gently and apply some aloe vera which she gave me samples of. No retinol or anything acidic on the face for a while. She said the redness should go away in a day. Then in the next 3-7 days is when my skin will start discarding dead skin. My skin stung for about 2 hours afterwards then it finally went away and just felt dry and tight. My skin is still a little numb and tingly in some areas, now 4 hours later. Well see if I want another in 3 weeks even though I made an appt for a second.

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Good reviews is what made me try them - make sure you do your research online. And don't be afraid to negotiate. I talked myself into paying PER treatment at a 10% discount ($270 per treatment) instead of purchasing a package of 4 treatments in advance at $300 each.

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