Waiting to Be Banded... 40 Years Old, 50lbs Overweight, 5'3" , 170lbs- 26 BMI - Los Angeles, CA

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I cant seem to stop stuffing my face. I never...

I cant seem to stop stuffing my face. I never struggled with weight as I was never interested in food.
I have put on 50 lbs in the past few years and I look awful. I'm apprehensive to do this procedure, especially since my doctor routinely preforms imbrication with every surgery. I am worried about the long term affects but he assures me it is safe. I am not as big as many of the other patients and worried I would never hit my 115lbs weight goal. My doctor thinks I will. Also, I am concerned about eating only liquids for a few weeks. Would that make me ill? Surgery is so scary. What if I don't wake up? On top of everything, my family is not supportive of the surgery and only my assistant knows I am having this procedure. I wonder if I will be able to keep it a secret.

one week post lap band.

I cant believe how scared I was up until the last minute...and all for nothing. The surgery nurse had a ditsy personality and was not comforting at all but once the anesthesiologist arrived, he gave me something to relax and then everything moved forward quickly. As soon as I got on the operating bed, he told me to take some deep breaths and the next thing I knew, I was getting dressed and ready to leave. There was some discomfort the first couple of days and I lack energy but nothing horrible. The funny thing is that the post op instructions are to stay on liquids for 2 weeks and soft food for two weeks after that. I very quickly discovered that I could eat anything I wanted. The doctor said I had no restriction as of yet. Its actually pretty great as I can eat whatever I want but today when I had pizza, half of the slice ( big slice but still a single slice) was all it took to fill me up. I haven't lost weight yet, but I haven't done anything but lay around watching TV for nearly a week. So far, no regrets but I hope to see the weight come off soon.
Dr. Liu

Dr Liu is a leader of the banding procedure. I saw him on several tv programs and later discovered he is local in my area.

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