Unhappy w/ Early Otoplasty Results – Could Swelling Be the Cause? ~3 Weeks Out. - Los Angeles, CA

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Hi, I underwent this procedure about 19 days ago,...

Hi, I underwent this procedure about 19 days ago, and I am wondering if based on the attached photo you can tell me whether it is proper for my ears to be sticking out this far again? I admit that my ears are "less protruded" than prior to otoplasty, but for a surgery commonly referred to as "ear pinning" I was expecting for my ears to be, well, pinned. More than anything, I was expecting that the final result would reduce the horizontal length added to my facial appearance due to the protruding ears.

Anyways, I have experience some serious swelling following the surgery & had some bad spouts of bleeding, and I am wondering whether the swelling behind my ears can be giving it more of protruded appearance? I went to the doc for twice to ensure that no stitches or anything else abnormal happened, and he said all was good, so now I don't know how to feel about my results. Its rather disheartening because all I generally hear about is that ears actually appear farther from the head & never closer to the head as recovery continues.

Any information that you can provide me would be helpful. Thanks.

(Note: I will wait to give an actual review on the doctor so as to not comment prematurely.)
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