Crooked Smile After Chin Implant - Los Angeles, CA

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A month ago I underwent a chin augmentation in...

A month ago I underwent a chin augmentation in hopes that it would give my very weak profile a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. I have always been insecure about my very weak chin that makes me looks much younger than I really am.

I met with a plastic surgeon who ensured me multiple times that I could have a nice, strong jawline with a large size chin implant. I felt comfortable with him and had researched his background and felt safe. He told me that doing the procedure intraorally I wouldn't have a scar and that it would heal much faster. He said I should be completely healed and back to normal in two weeks. However, it has been a month and although I am no longer swollen and bruised, the right side of my lip is very crooked when I smile or talk. Friends have even brought it to my attention.

My doctor says just to give it time but it really concerns me because he seems to be very dismissive about it and told me before at my 2 week post surgery visit that my lip should be fine by 3 weeks to a month. But it hasn't shown any improvement. Another issue that concerns me is that whenever I drink hot or cold liquids I have the very strange sensation that the liquid is inside my lip. Its a very weird and uncomfortable feeling, almost as if there is a small hole inside my mouth where the liquid is able to get into.

I also experience shooting pains and although I see an improvement in my appearance, it definitely is not the "strong" jawline I was expecting. I fact, I still appear to have somewhat of a weak chin and when I close my mouth the skin dimples and there is a small lump that wasn't there before. I'm very worried that my doctor is not being upfront with me especially because it's been a little over a month and I was previously assured I would be completely back to normal in two weeks.

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