Happy with the Results , but Got Really Weak/fatigue - Los Angeles, CA

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I did my surgery one month ago. The surgery itself...

I did my surgery one month ago. The surgery itself went smooth. No numbness, and the swelling went down relatively fast. About 5 days after the surgery, I started to feel very weak/tired. It's not like the tiredness after running/ exercising , but fatigue and discomfort on my chest. And I've been having low grade fever. Meanwhile , the incision itself is fine. No discharge, redness or anything. Did a follow-up with the doctor and the doctor thinks I'm just dehydrated and weak after the surgery. I rested for a few days and I felt normal. However, after two weeks I started not feeling right again. Very tired/ weak, discomfort/heaviness on my chest, sometimes having low-grade fever. It's already 1 month post the surgery and I doubt it's because of the recovery. So I did a blood test yesterday, and if we rule out other possibilities, I'm then thinking of having the implant removed. I know that a lot women with breast implants can have silicone related diseases, but I never knew silicone chin implant could cause that too( or is it because I have other diseases like mono?) does anyone here ever experienced similar syndromes? I'm really worried and thinking of a removal now
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