5'6 1/2", 135#, HP, 425cc, Breast Lift with Implant, Under Muscle. Los Angeles, CA

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My goodness, why am I having a hard time picking a...

My goodness, why am I having a hard time picking a doctor!
What I'm looking for is a breast lift, high profile, 425cc, under muscle
- THIN scaring
- symmetrical nipples
- nice round nipples, not oval shaped
- not a huge anchor scar under breast
- fairly priced
- not a doctor that's so full of themselves that if I'm not happy with the results or if he/she makes a mistake, they won't fix it… 

Here are the Breast Lift with implants, doctors I've consulted with (thus far)

David Kim- a lot of great implant pics just not enough breast lift pics

William Bruno- not happy with the results of the nipple alignment on pics

Michael Schwartz- pics weren't convincing
Kevin Hughes- big man and scared of big stitches. Is a BBL expert

Jaime Schwartz- no way. He's young and results are poor. For my TT he recommended a T scar. I so didn't need that

Grigoryrant- he's known for closed rhinoplasty. Doesn't do many breast lifts so his pics are old.

Upcoming appointments:
Dr. O'Toole
Dr. Pousti

Saw Dr. O'toole today!

Sarah his staff was amazing. She genuinely is a nice person (you can just tell). The front desk girl seemed bothered she was even there. I wanted to tell her there are many people looking for a job so she should be greatful.
Back to the doctor. Well his results were great until....... I saw the LONG scar under the breast (the fold area) and he said he try's to limit it but it was visible on every patient.
I was really hoping he was the one :( sigh
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