Need Advice Before I Schedule Consultations! To Boob or Not to Boob? - Los Angeles, CA

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Hello all, I'm in desperate need of advice! I am...

Hello all,
I'm in desperate need of advice! I am 24 years old, 5'8 145lbs. and have just recently considered getting a breast aug. I'm tired of my small 34/36A, no cleavage having boobs (or lack thereof). I'm looking to get a big B or small C. In high school I didn't like having a small chest but I dealt with it. I've never had any problems getting guys (after high school) so that's not the reason I want to do this. I just want to love instead of just like how I look in V-neck shirts, bikinis and even lingerie. I've always wanted to buy sexy lingerie to wear for my bf but the fact that I have a small chest and a flat board where cleavage should be has always turned me away. I have brought up the idea of a breast aug. to my mom, boyfriend, his mom and 2 close friends. My mom and close friends say go for it while my bf and his mom say no. My bf's mom says I only want them due to lack of self esteem. My bf says I'm fine the way I am and he's just scared I'm going to get a botched surgery and end up with rock hard boobs. I've asked several friends who have had their breasts done how they feel and they love how they look. I'm just wanting to know if anyone else has experienced any opposition from friends or family regarding getting their breasts enlarged and how they dealt with it. Also, how did you know you found the right doctor and were you uncomfortable going to a male doctor (I'd rather go to a female doctor but it seems that the best doctors are male :-/ ) Also x2, does anyone know of any good/great surgeons in the southern california area preferably around Los Angeles or the Inland Empire? And has anyone financed their breasts which is what I'll have to do. Sorry for all the questions but I didn't know where else to turn. Feel free to answer some or all of my questions LoL. I'm going to be scheduling some consultations this weekend/month and would like to use here as my "point A" Thanks all!

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