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Hi dolls ! Well I joined realself a few months...

Hi dolls ! Well I joined realself a few months back and I have to say I have become !! My goal is to find the best doctor for me in the LA area for a bbl.I never had a womanly body and having a baby didn't help my body out at all . I'm 23 years old 5'1 150 pounds and after having a baby I now have stretch marks in my tummy. I know that after my bbl I'm still not going to have a flat stomach cuz of my stretch marks but I can live with that cuz in the future I would like to have another child just not any time soon. Realself has led me to some great doctors and I have narrow it down to 3!
Dr.Bruno,Dr Dass and Dr.Alfifi

Long time no update !! TEAM HUGHES!

Hi dolls !! So it's been a while since my last update,but it doesn't mean I stop my research! So I know I had it narrow down to my top 3 doctors,but then I came across Dr.Cruves Dr.Hughes :)) I honestly think he is the doctor me me and can not wait to putt my in his hands. When I went in for my consultation I was a little taken back I don't think that he looks like the pic. in his profile he looks more like a body builder or a football player I I thought to my self ah hmmm is this the right doctor I made my appointment with:/
So then the consultation started he was down to earth which I like I mention to him that I been researching for a while an had seen a couple other doctors as well I mention that one of them was Dr.Dass and he to me "I know him ..he use to work here" I learn that they pretty much the same way ONLY Dr.Dass is more $$$ I believe is because he just went on his own so he has to pay for that office space in Berverly Hills (So ladies take that into consideration when considering these two) because that's the reason why Dr.Dass was out my list his bbl's are going for $10,000:/
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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