I Like Big Butttts and I Cannotttt Lieee -Los Angeles, CA

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I haven't had the surgery yet but believe me girls...

I haven't had the surgery yet but believe me girls I dream about it everyday. I always felt that my body was disproportional and wanted to have that curvy hourglass figure but sadly I have the dreaded apple body type, so not attractive! When I was 14 I had a very long tough surgery and recovery for scoliosis so now I have 2 titanium rods in my back and has left me with a long scar on my back. I really need this surgery to make me feel beautiful when I look in the mirror. I'm currently 206 pds (so scary to say)! working on losing a substantial amount so then i can even consider going through with this. I was never this large before but oh well I cant dwell on the past, just move forward, but I am down 23 pounds and counting!

Merry Christmas ladies!

Just wanted to wish all you ladies a merry christmas :)

A girl can dream right?

A couple more wish pics, i know it's not realistic for my spongebob physique lol but like i said a girl can dream right?

Oh boy...

I finally built up the courage to post some pics of myself, please be nice ladies, this was difficult for me I have major body issues and insecurities, i want to post a pic showing you guys the scar on my back, but i'm not quite brave enough for that yet
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