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This is my first review. I just signed up on...

This is my first review. I just signed up on realself a couple months ago, since then I been stalking all you ladies. I'm looking to get my bbl by 2/16 . So far I've narrowed it down to 4 doctors. Im working on consultations right now. I'm getting great tips and tricks from this website. A lot of you ladies have really eased a lot of my anxiety already. I will post pics to follow but for now these are my wish pics . Til next time ladies, good luck for your future bbls.

Wish pics

My goals

My current pictures

Here are my current pictures. I'm praying to God I don't need a TT. I'm so scared of that scar.

My current body pics

Current shape 8/15 I'm praying to the man above I do NOT NEED a TT!! I'm so scared of that scar.

Body pics (for the 3rd time)

Current body pics

Body pics (4th time) smh

Sorry ladies, learning how to use this site still lol
This is my current body . Hoping I DO NOT NEED A TT

First deposit made

Made my first 500 . Since my surgery got pushed back another month . I have plenty of time to get it paid. I'm beyond excited.

More wish pics

Can't a girl have a big ol bootaay lol

My body

Messed around a little with a surgery simulator app. I like my body shape . I was surprised at how wide my thighs are though.
Dr Fisher

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