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I've been wanting BBL for YEARS and I'm finally...

I've been wanting BBL for YEARS and I'm finally deciding to go through with it. I'm so nervous/excited! I'm in the Bay area and would love to have the procedure done here, but according to my research the more experienced BBL surgeons are in LA...so that's where I'm going! Does anybody have a surgeon in the Bay area they can recommend?

I've scheduled consultations with Dr. Kenneth Hughes and Dr. Dennis Dass. I've read so many good reviews about each doctor, I'm excited to meet them and get quoted for the procedure as I've seen a huge variation in prices people have paid. The only thing really holding me back at this point is financing so I hope I'm quoted fairly.

This site and everybody on it has been very helpful in my journey so far. Thank you!! <3

Wish Pics

Every one of these ladies has a beautiful body. I'm really hoping to get an hourglass shape and a round perky butt.

Wish Pics

29/no Kids/lumpy Stomach After BBL

I went in June to have my first ever cosmetic surgery procedure (BBL) with Dr. Dass. I'm happy that for once in my life my hips are bigger than my love handles. However, I'm left with irregularities from the lipo :'c

I noticed irregularities from the first day I had I was brave enough to look at my stomach without my compression garment; about a week. I was told it would even out with time. I massaged myself around 2.5 weeks and have been. I'm 11 weeks now and I still see lumps, fat pockets, and dents.

Dr. Dass explained that it was impossible to cut fat evenly, and I understand that. But I wasn't expecting this much irregularity. I wore a cropped top out and you can see the irregularities from the photos that were taken from afar. I was expecting to go out feeling sexy and now I'm self-conscious about my lumps.

I have only had 1 post visit because I live so far so it was too early to notice irregularities. I have my next appointment next week and I'm really hoping the doctor will tell me I'm still healing. I don't want to pay to have it fixed or go through the pain of lipo again.

To anyone reading...How long did it take for your stomach to look flat?

Pictures at 11 weeks

Pics at 8 week taken from a distance.


Before Pics


3 months


I see Dr. Dass in a few days. I will update again after the appointment. My hopes are he tells me he can fix it, or that I'm still healing and I'll flatten out. Seeing as how the dents are caused by uneven lipo, I don't think it'll be the latter. I will post some photos.


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