Good for Only 8 Years; Got Sick - Los Angeles, CA

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I had implants put in combined with a mastopexy...

I had implants put in combined with a mastopexy after the surgeon convinced me that the look would be better - more full and round. I regretted it upon waking up from surgery, but the nightmare had just begun. I had saline implants, and one of them began leaking a mere two years later. Despite getting them putting under the muscle, my thin frame exposed the ripples at the edge of the implant. They never looked natural.

Eight years later, I began to get sick, inexplicably - losing weight, having ADD-like symptoms, joint pain, and chronic and overwhelming fatigue. I now see a rheumatologist - I have a positive ANA (high positive), indicating an autoimmune issue. I have bloodwork from before my implants were put in that shows I was ANA negative.

I had the implants removed last year to the tune of $8,000 - plus another lift. I'm back where I started, with the small, slightly sagging A cups I had originally. But I'm just starting to get my health back. I wish I had never done this to myself.

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