24 Years Old. 2 Year Old Implants.

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2 years ago I decided to get implants. I'm not...

2 years ago I decided to get implants. I'm not quite sure how many cc I got but I went from a 34b to a 34d. I was only happy with the results while they were still healing because they were still very swollen so I did not know how exactly they were going to look yet. Little did I know I was going to regret getting this procedure sooooooo bad.
I never had a problem with the size of my boobs, but the reason I decided to get them was because I was going to get a reconstruction due to having a total of 11 tumors in both breasts and having them removed within 4 surgeries. So I thought heck if I'm already going to be under the knife why not?! So I got them done. So many things are wrong with my breasts it is depressing. First off I can not wear anything too low cut, or any push up bras or triangle bikini tops. Because my nipples pop out.(what's the point of my implants if I can't show them?!?!) If I lay on my back my breast implants basically go into my armpits. It hurst like hell to lay on my stomach or to run. My nipples are too towards the center so if I don't wear a bra or I wear a bra too thin you can tell my nipples are in the wrong position. It is embarrassing. And to top it all off I have hideous scars. I really really want my old boobs back. Instead of helping my self esteem it made it worse. So sad I don't have the money to get them out ASAP ????
Planning on getting them out around january. Will keep you updated
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