Botox Gave Me Cervical Dystonia - Los Angeles

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I have tried Botox 5 times over the last 2 and a...

I have tried Botox 5 times over the last 2 and a half years, for mild frown lines usually getting between 20 and 30 cc's total injected in forehead and in between frown lines. I always got mild throat irritation that would start 10-14 days after the injections accompanied by a headache and this would last 7-14 days, then go away. Last february I had noticed a couple weeks after the injections some slight speech problems that accompanied the sore throat and pain on my scalp, like little nerve explosions, I have discussed this particular scalp symptom with 7 different women friends of mine who say they also have this scalp pain after botox.

I went back for botox september 4th, 16 days later I woke up to a swollen throat within a coouple hours I was having involuntary gag reflex next my mouth started to pull down into an extreme frown and then front of my neck did a spasm to the point you could see the tendons popping out. Over the last month these spasms spread to my right shoulder and I have severe spasming in my right face,neck and shoulder all day long also with nerve tingling all down my right arm into my hand which causes me to have tourette's type ticking.

I looked up reactions to Botox and found that although Botox is actually used to treat cervical dystonia it may also cause it. Although on Allergin's website they claim this has never happened to anyone when the product was used correctly. I believe I was allergic to the toxin from the very beginning and I should have taken the mild throat irritation more seriously. I am told the condition I have may last as long as 2 more months. It's interferring with my work and my life and I'm very depressed.

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I am not sure if I was possibley overdosed or given an improperly diluted mixture of Botox.

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