Asymetric Nostrals from the First Rhinoplasty and Second Didn't Help - Los Angeles, CA

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I had 2 rhinoplasty procedure done. First in 2001...

I had 2 rhinoplasty procedure done. First in 2001 was done to correct my crooked bump on my nose, the other in 2008 to fix the tip. I think the first doctor never addressed the uneven, wide, nostrils, and second tried to do it but couldn't make my nostrils symetric. Now i have asymetric nostrils and one side of nose/nostril is higher than other.

My nose doesn't feel soft at all its hard from the tip and bones. When I squeeze my nostrals the left side feels a bit softer than the right side with a huge hole nostral. Is there any possible recommendation for my case?

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