24Yrs Old 5'4 135lb No Kids moderate 640cc Natrelle Inspira under

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I want to be at least a small D. Looking to get...

I want to be at least a small D. Looking to get mod profile or mod plus. I wanted a lot more side boob and some good cleavage vs having projection. I do want to go for the more "natural" look. I have no doubt I want to get them under the muscle because I plan to have kids in the near future. Hope to get a consultation soon

Consultation Day and choosing the right Doctor

So I was listening to pandora and an advertisement for breast augmentation came on and said save 1000 on implants if you fill out your info so I did. I was hesitant. I got a call from one of the consultants the next day and she set me up with a doctor for December 14th. The night prior I was so nervous for some reason I couldn't sleep. Next day before my appointment which was at 11am I looked up the doctor on their website looked at his certifications and results and I absolutely hated them! I went with my gut and bailed. I had heard from a friend about another physician and I had looked him up before I ever decided to get my breast augmentation. I loved his results and I read up on some reviews and my friends results also looked amazing so I emailed them and they set me up that same day at 4pm. I wasn't nervous at all I felt comfortable. Went in filled some stuff out the actual nurse that will be with me in the OR talked to me about implants answered all my questions and helped me decide on silicone or saline. The doctor then came in super nice jokester nothing inappropriate explained some things about breast implants measured my breasts and that was that! Then I talked to the consultant she gave me the pricing and some info and I was out the door! I fell in love with the staff from the start. They were welcoming and made me feel at home. Advice I'd give based on my experience would be to shop around at least pick a top 3 and make sure to look at their certificates and results to see if they fit what you are looking for. It's ok to go to different consults and see what they are like and what they offer. I actually didn't shop around much and went with my gut and loved it!

Indecisive on size

Ok so I thought I'd share how I'm choosing my size. My nurse suggested this method called the rise test! It works so well I can't believe it. So how it works, you start off by buying cheap nylons form the 99cent store. Make sure they aren't tight and they stretch they have no support. What you do next is measure our 2 cups of rise and fill the nylon, of course this would be where you put your foot in, and tie it but very loose and then fill the other and do the same thing. Find a sports bra with no underwire no padding and super tight. Slip it on and put in your rise implants in!!!! Kid you not you will see what you'd look like with bigger boobs of you don't like them go 1/4 down if you think they are to small go 1/4 up and I suggest trying it on with clothes and taking selfies. You can mess around with the amount of rise until you find the perfect size. Also start off with a bigger amount of rise versus small because you never know if bigger looks better. The physician explained that once I decide my cups of rise I liked he will help figure out the rest as in the size and amount of the actual implant. So here is my rise test photos.

Wish boobs

So today I called and scheduled my pre op and post op visits and put down my deposit for surgery!!! It is really happening and I can't believe it! I never thought I'd be getting surgery so soon! Yay me. I've been looking through so many imagines and there are so many wish boobs I like. I narrowed it down to 6 pictures total. After doing my rise test I made a decision and I'm going with 3cups!

pre op packet instructions

I received my pre op packet with instructions in the mail today! I realized that this is actually go no to happen! On my birthday I'll be two weeks away from surgery and I'm trying not to freak out. I've never had any kind of surgery and for some reason I'm getting nervous about going under. I'm afraid of how I'll react when I wake up, what will happen during. When I was in nursing school I got to be on the other side and it was one hell of an experience but because I've seen now I'm nervous to be the one on the table. Also haven't come around to telling my mom because I know how she will react. I feel like I won't be able to tell her. My sister knows and she will be with me for three days after but after that I'm going solo I wish I had the courage to tell her so she can help me out but I just don't know how. Any advice for either of these two topics? Ahhhh!!!!

Final wish boobs!! ;))

As it gets closer to my pre op appointment I continue to get more anxious and excited!!! Yesterday on my bday I officially hit two weeks out from surgery and I am super excited about that! I still kept looking around at pictures and I know for sure now that these two are what I wanna look like! I narrowed it down to only two photos. It was hard but after looking so much I took a break and went back to it and made a decision. I present to you ladies my ultimate wish boobs! I am so excited about my BA but also super nervous about what it's gonna be like to go under and wake up after. I've never had surgery so it's a little scary. I have a question if anyone can answer it. What did you ladies wear on surgery day and the week after? I bought a few zip ups and some pj bottoms just to be able to get them off easily after. Any input on clothes to wear after. I would appreciate it thank you and have a blessed week y'all

3 cups and done! Well maybe

Soooo for some reason I keep questioning my decision and I can't come to picking my cups in rise and I want to be able to go into my pre op appointment with a decision made so I decided to try 3 cups again! My sister and a friend obviously said they were to big but I like them just afraid of later on regretting going big so here are 3 cups in different neck lines. Still unsure even though I keep trying to say I'm sure;((


So my pre op app is at 3pm and I am so nervous because I finally get to talk about SIZE!!! I don't know what to ask because I've asked most of what I wanna know but I also tend to blank out when I am there. What kind of questions did you ladies ask? Can I please have Katey Perry's Boobs please!! Feeling her look. I stuck with 3 cups still but we will see what he has to say. I will be posting an update after my visit yay! ONLY ONE WEEK FROM TODAY and I get my new boobies!!!

Pre op size surprise!!!!

Well that totally psyched me out! I mean I'm super excited but so nervous to see my outcome. Sooooo here it goes. I showed up couldn't find parking and I was already nervous but I made it just in time. The staff is always super friendly so they welcomed me in and gave me my consent forms to fill out. I sat down took a deep breath and read through everything and signed my life away! I was hesitant but after texting my husband and a friends I felt a little better. The doctor and the nurse had just finish in surgery with another patient so it took a while.
The receptionist took me back and i got undressed. As I sat there I was trying to convinced myself of the size and if I should stick with it because I've had several say it was to big for me and others say it looked good. Anyway the nurse came in and asked me how I did on my rise test. I told her she suggested starting at 3 cups for a D and I liked it a lot and she looked at me very surprised and said oh so you do wanna be big. I feel like she was surprised, very surprised and it kind of made me worry and made me feel bad. Then she threw out some numbers she said 700 to 800ccs is what was equivalent to my rise implants! I FREAKED OUT!!!!! I never thought she would say such a big number I didn't wanna go past 500ccs and she ended up saying 800! I am nervous!!!!!!
Anyway the PA came in next she told him 3 cups and of course she made this surprised look on her face and the PA didn't really act surprised. After talking a little with him and the nurse they said they would be doing 755ccs moderate profile if they fit if not they would go anywhere from 600cc to 755cc. That still made me feel nervous!!!! I am having doubts on and off about getting them that big. Have any of you gone that big from being a B do a large D?!?!? Please let me know because I'm going crazy

One more day!!!!!!!!

So I'm super nervous but so excited at the same time! I am beyond lucky to have met a group of girls through the site who are getting surgery the same day. They have been the greatest support group to have during such an important change in my life! We have all connected over this journey and as the days go by we only get closer and build good friendships. Soooooo with that being said I think I am ready for this change! I was nervous about the ccs I was told they would be using but after talking to my nurse she explained why she had given me such a high number. I've accepted it but obviously still afraid of being way too big. Some advice I can give about what I've been experiencing the last couple of days is NOT to go online and compare the amount of ccs you decided on with other women that have those ccs in!!!! I say DONT because I've been doing that and it's been messing with my head way too much. I've gone back and forth and back and forth about my choice and it really hasn't done me much good, all it has done is cause more anxiety and feeling of uncertainty. This is where having a support group comes in handy especially if they know what you are going through and they can relate.
Anyway I've got one more day with my girls and I plan on spending it relaxing, staying hydrated and preping my surgery and recovery goodies.

It's boobie eve!!! Last day with the girls!

I can't believe it!!!!! It's finally here!!!! I am beyond excited and ready to embrace the upgrade. By noon tomorrow I'll have new boobies to show y'all!

day 1 post op

I've had a rough day 1. I found out I was allergic to norco and keflex. I broke out in a rash all over and was beyond itchy! I had to go with out any pain meds from 11am to 8pm and that was insane!!!! I've never hurt so bad in my life before. I was also upset at the nurse never thought she would be so rude. She changed up so fast before she was sweet and nice and the two times I called yesterday she acted like a
B!+€}. My sister called and she gave her attitude then I called and she gave me attitude. I'm hoping that today at my post op visit she's not rude af. Symptoms I'm feeling now are manageable. I feel pain in my arms, ribs, throat, back, shoulders, and neck. I have no incision pain. When I do try and move I get a burning feeling under my boobs mostly on my left side. My left side is also more swollen especially under the armpit area and I can't feel it much. I'm going to ask if that's normal today. I'm excited I love them already and I can't wait for them to settle down! I did have to sleep sitting up last night because it was hard to sleep semi laying due to back pain. In my life I've never slept sitting straight up before it gets annoying. I can't wait to be able to sleep laying down again. They switch my meds to Percocet and I felt a lot better. I'm not experiencing anymore itchiness. They are so switched my antibiotics. I have a bunch of little red dots I'm hoping those are normal and they go away soon. I forgot to mention I ended up with 640cc mod profile under muscle. If y'all have any questions feel free to ask I'll try my best to answer.
Have a blessed day

Day 2 post op appointment

My post op appointment lasted no more than 5 minutes. I asked him about my swelling and when sensation would return because I can't feel the side boob areas and under my left armpit and he said it would take a while. I have a lot of swelling but he said it was normal. The center of my chest is swollen 1inch thick so I feel like they look really far apart and deformed. My PA said that overall everything is looking well . I was allowed to take my first shower today and he taught me to massage and I started. I have to massage 10x a day. I'm not going to lie massaging is so painful because my muscles are so swollen so I get a real bad burning sensation especially on my left breast. The left breast hurts the most. I also started doing arm stretches and combined with massaging it's helped the tightness go down a little. I'm super happy because I actually went #2 today with no trouble!!! I have never felt so happy about going lol. What I've done to help with the constipation is to eat nothing but soft foods, drink a flavored drink called mama Chia, and eat about 10 prunes a day. Walking also helps some but don't over due it for sure. I feel a lot better today. My rash has calmed down and I'm not itching as much because they changed both the antibiotic and pain medication. I've been taking Benadryl also to help the reaction reduce. I'm very excited for the girls to start getting shape and actually looking like boobs. I began to sleep sitting up straight and I've slept a little better hoping that as the days go by I am able to do a bit more and that massaging stops hurting.

Fast forward to WEEK 1 post op!!!

I made it week one! Well today was the first day I felt like myself again. I've got to admit the pain meds weren't making me feel any better.
My PA did he had some trouble putting 640 in but he managed to fit them. I'm nervous about it still and unsure of what they will look like once they settle and if he went too big. I would of been fine with 600ccs but given that according to their numbers and my rice test (3cups) that was equal to 755cc and of course he said that would of never fit. He stated that he went 100ccs more than any other surgeon would of put in. I'm still confused why he put that much in if he struggled so much to get them in, but hey they are in gotta make the best of it. I'm hoping they don't look gigantic. I still have a lot of swelling and soreness. My muscles must have been like what is going on! They were so tight and still are. The first 4 to 5 days after my muscles were pushing down in the implants so hard and my whole chest was so tight I couldn't take deep breaths. The swelling in the center has gone down a lot which I am beyond excited about! My left armpit is hurting a lot kind of like when you chafe your legs. My right armpit doesn't hurt as much. Issues I'm having right now that are bugging me the most would be that my left side boob is swollen so much I can't really put my arm down at my side. I have the same swelling on my right but it's not that bothersome and big. I'm hoping that it's just normal swelling and not the implant itself. I want to be able to put my arm down without having a big lump bothering me lol. Bruising is now hurting. I've been massaging and it has helped with the tightness. I'm massaging much harder now after being instructed to by my PA. I've been able to do a lot more today than any other day. I drove for the first time yesterday and cooked and washed today. I finally got around to studying too. So far I am not ready for clothes just yet. I tried on my old sports bras and I scared myself. Then I put on a shirt and I couldn't stand looking. I look really boxy still so until the swelling is completely gone I'll be living in my surgical bra and my husbands loose shirts. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for reading and have a blessed day.

Week 2 with these two!

Yay week 2 here I come! I'm so excited because I'm beginning to look and feel more normal. I tried on clothes and felt good. I've been wearing normal clothes for the past week and haven't felt to subconscious. I found out that target has awesome tees that fit well during recovery yay to that!! I went to my post op app so update in recovery dos and don't: I can't wear soft bras yet. I did buy one and wore it for two days but my PA said I have to wear my surgical bra for two more weeks. My consultant suggested fruit of the loom front closure bras and I bought some at walmart. My PA finally took of my bandages and for the first time I got to see my incisions! I was surprised because I thought they would look worse. I am to start applying 1% hydrocortisone twice a day so I am doing once in the morning and once before bed. He said I will be doing this for two weeks and at my next visit he will be discussing scar treatment. They specifically said to use 1% hydrocortisone ointment and not cream because It helps healing better, not sure what the major difference is but I bought that at Walmart as well. As far as swelling goes since I'm so impairment I asked if my sides would change because I don't like them and of course he said it's still swollen and that I have to wait. It takes about 3-6months to see permanent changes. He pressed his thumb down in between my chest and it stayed dented meaning the swelling is still pretty bad. Still have to wait to begin working out for two more weeks, once I hit one month. I have no pain and can drive way better now vs when I started driving at week one, it no longer feels uncomfortable to turn and I don't have to drive close to the wheel. I have no pain besides when I sleep flat on my back I get real bad morning boob, it almost felt like day two because the center of my chest hurt real bad. I'm still sleeping semi sitting but I no longer need pillows under my arms, still can't sleep on my side or flat. I don't think I could ever get used to sleeping like I am now. I'm a side sleeper so it's been real tough to get some real good sleep. I can finally start taking meds for my migraines so I'm happy about that because I get migraines often. One thing I have noticed is that I am begging to get nipple sensation back and man oh man they feel like they are on fire. It is so uncomfortable!!! It low key is so irritating and it's unpleasantly painful at times. I was cleared to sleep braless if I am comfortable with it but I don't think I am just yet. I still can't feel certain areas of my boobs and I definitely can't feel the sides and part of my armpit leading towards the back of my arms. I do feel my right side more than my left. I am still massaging 10times a day which has helped. I'm still high and tight and firm and I can't wait till they begin to drop and fluff. Right now I still look boxy. I found out this week that they look bigger bare vs with any type of clothing so that's good. I didn't want them too look huge in clothes. I am not sure if I look wide due to the implant being wider vs more projected but I guess I'll have to wait and see. Glad I'm on my way to week three and feeling awesome so far. I'll be uploading some photos of clothes I tried on to show y'all the different. Thank you for reading and Happy Feb 14th have a blessed evening

Front view side boob

Totally forgot to upload my front view with arms ups. You can truly see the sides and swelling. It bugs at times to put my arms at my sides a certain way.

Clothes Clothes Clothes

Target has always been my favorite but I just became obsessed now ;P

Clothes Clothes Clothes

RS never posts what I want it to post -__-

Here is a progress photo.

Week 3 post op

I had been feeling very uneasy until today! I am so excited because I finally came across a girl on YouTube who had a BA with my PA and she got 650cc mod profile under. I was so happy that I found someone I can relate to in size shape in all aspects even height and weight! She clarified so many things because we literally felt and looked the same. I was happy to be able to see and picture what my boobs would look like farther down the line. One thing I can say about this whole journey is that it truly helps having a support system and someone you can relate to. I met some amazing women on real self and our boobie chat is always amazing we've not only helping each other through but have gotten to know one another on a personal level. Don't be afraid to make friends and connect with others who have gone through the same thing because it honestly truly helps. Anyway not much has changed besides that now my nerves are fusing back together making my nipples mostly my left feel soooo sore. I don't know if any of you get sore nipples closer to your period you get soreness to the point where wearing clothes hurts well it feels like that but 10x worse. I am still experiencing soreness and fatigue. I do get tired fast and I'm assuming it's because my body is healing. I still can't feel the side of my boobs leading up to the back of my arm and my left armpit. I haven't dropped much and they are getting a tad bit softer. I'm excited for next week because I can finally start the GYM! Yayy!
My incisions still look the same expects my right is a little cleaner now and less scaby. Well until next time. Thanks for reading if you have any questions or comments feel free to drop them below.

Week 4 post op

Week 5 post op and late on the update

Tuesday was great! That's was my official 5 weeks mark! I went to my 1 month and a week post op visit. I was concerned about only one thing. My left has been making a noise for about almost two weeks now and it bothers me. It squeaks and I can also feel it. I figured it was air trapped inside my pocket or fluid, maybe some type of inflammation because I had been moving around a lot more. After 1 month he said I could start working out so I was doing my usual cleaning lifting my arms being normal and I started to hear it. It bugged me way more if I massaged and moved it in towards the center of my chest or when I would bend over. It might sound crazy but idk if my brain related the sound to what it sounds like when you have bronchitis and hear crackles in your lungs so it would make me cough. Anyway so I mentioned it to him and of course when I went the noise wasn't as loud as it is after a days worth of being active but he said he couldn't feel it. He explained that it might still be caused by inflammation or fluid in my pocket and said I could take Motrin 200mg 3 times a day for 4 days. He also said that I might just be feeling the implant itself, that as I continue to heel my body will create a thin film over my implant and it will just glide around without all that noise. Moving on, I am now feeling normal and they are starting to look normal yay! I got some scar treatment I'm supposed to wear for a month but I'll make a different post about It reviewing my progress and my thoughts on it. I am cleared to wear soft bras of course no under wire but I'm happy I don't have to wear only front button sports bras anymore because def doesn't look good with all types of neck lines. Thank you for keeping up with my journey. And to those who have gone through any type of surgery recently I wish you a happy heeling. If you have any comments or wanna share your experience with me please don't hesitate and comment below. I'd like to hear form someone who experienced that weird noise boob. Well Until next time

Scar TX

So at my 5 week visit I got some scar treatment that my PAs office works with and this is it. It's called silagen. So basically I was told that it was best to use this for a month before I start using the topical scar cream. I actually love this product so far to be honest because it's low maintenance and I don't have to really remember to put on a cream everyday. The strips are wide so you have to cut them down to fit the scar. That was pretty easy for me to do and I don't require real big pieces. The instructions are plain and simple easy to follow and the strips are reusable. My consultant told me she wears hers until they completely don't stick on at all. So I wear them just about 12 hours daily and I started this on Monday! I can already see the difference in my incisions. They are beginning to fade. What I like the most about this product is that I literally just slap them on in the morning after my shower and don't have to worry about anything. I don't feel them there, it doesn't bug me what so ever and if I forget I have them on I can leave them on for 24hrs. Reusing them is pretty awesome because you don't have to continue to buy more and they last. I'm still wearing the ones I started with on Monday and they are going strong. I wash them every other day with warm water and it only takes less than a minute. I do it while in the shower and let them air dry so by the time I'm dry and ready to get dressed I can put them back on. I'll be showing progress photos weekly if I can. If I missed anything or y'all have any questions drop the comments below and I'll try and answer them as best as possible.
Thank you for reading and happy heeling!

6 weeks and late

6 weeks out I've dropped a bit but still have some upper pole. Still hear the squeaking demanding on if I used my left arm a lot that day. Left does sit lower than my right and I feel like it might be dropping faster but I'm not 100% sure because my left breast has always been lower than my right. I haven't had any issues. I'm finally starting to gain sensation back on my left back side of arm and armpit! I was starting to freak out. I'm using the scar strips everyday. I'm not one to care because I feel like no one will be seeing my scar besides me and my hubs but I'm hoping they do minimize it wouldn't hurt. So far I don't see much difference in the scars maybe some lightening but not major progress yet. I do need to start applying something on my girls because I do have lots of white stretch marks and my skin looks stretched too. I haven't gone out shirtless just jet but I'm dying to try it. I wanna embrace braless summer soon! I bought pasties the other day from target but haven't used them. I love the way I look in tanks without a bra! I did buy 2 bathing suit tops but still haven't gotten measured. I'm waiting till my 3 month mark just to make sure I don't invest in new bras and them not fit right.
Tomorrow is already 7 weeks so I'll be making a new post. Thank you for reading if you have any questions or comments don't hesitate. Have a blessed day

Rice vs Real

So I decided to do a comparison to my rice test photos side view and me now and I'm loving my results! It put in into perspective having posed the same and compared both pictures. I think the rice test did help choosing a ballpark look but it definitely looks nothing like it! I love my real!!!! Hopefully later on at 1 year I can do the same and see what happens then. I'm excited!

7 WEEEKS post op!!!

Oh my goodness does time not fly by like nothing! I can't believe next week will be 8 meaning I'll be 2 months post!!! I'm so excited I can't wait to see some more amazing changes!! Here are the girls at 7 weeks and the scars at two full weeks of applying the scar strips. I haven't seen much of a change but they have faded a little. Happy healing everyone!! Have a blessed day and if you have any comments questions let me know! Thanks for reading!

Week 7 photos

Isn't it annoying when RS doesn't post your stuff!!!!!!!!!!! Gets me mad!!!

Happy happy heeling!!

So I did another comparison with real vs rice and wow I'm soooo shocked! I am beyond happy with my results so far! My PA really took the pictures into consideration. I also did a comparison of the wish boobs I showed him and wow!!! I'm speechless!! I still have a while for mine to settle in but I have a feeling they will come out exactly how I wanted them to!!! Yay
Happy heeling everyone!

2 months post!!!! Little late but it's here!

Wow!!!! I can't believe it!!! It's been two months already and a lot has change and I can't wait till some more! I am freaking out a little though because I think I have some sort of blister on my incision! I am not even sure what it is!! It's only on my right. So that's the only new issue I'm having and it is scaring me to be honest so I'm going to call the office tomorrow and see what they say. I am just nervous as to what they will say it is and what they will suggest. I want to know the cause because I'm not sure if I may be doing something wrong. That is probably one of my biggest fears that I do something to mess it up and it scares me!! I still haven't gotten measured or bought bras. I guess I should but I've been waiting till I hit my 3 month post date. I did buy bathing suits and I'm a large at target. I finally started seeing my right drop farther down which is good. My scars are doing alright. I thought they would be a little farther along than they are but idk what's going on. I am happy with my results and I can't imagine myself with anything smaller that what I have now. I actually went out in public braless for the first time this week!! I'm def not used to it but I felt so good and confidant. I can't wait to see more dropping and fluffing . They are still a bit pointy but I'm hoping that once they settle in that will go away. I think my PA did an amazing job. I compared my photos and it truly did make me realize that he was listening and following what I was saying. My boobs are jiggly now and do bounce when I jump but still aren't super soft. Anyway I do g have much else to say besides I send the best happy healing wishes to those going through a BA and thank you for reading! Have a blessed day! Xoxoxo B

4 months post op!!!

So I know it's a few days late but May 16th marked 4 months and I can not believe how fast time flew by. I remember being 5 days post op wishing I was a least 3 months to see my drop and fluff and boy oh boy the wait was worth it and it flew by!
Update on my blister: so I went and saw my PA and he popped it that day and cut out the Scar tissue so it would heal and not form again. It was weird because it was filled with clear fluid like blister and you could see through it and at the bottom it had a white layer of scar tissue which is what he cut out. I had a hole for a while if you'd like to see what it looked like just let me know and lol make a post about. I had to use triple antibiotic ointment for a week an cover it with a bandaid. I also h to stop using my Scar strips because I didn't want one scar to get better than the other. I have to start from scratch again and use them for a month before I switch over to topical. My PA said that the "blister" might of formed due to a stitch not being absorbed.
BOOBIE UPDATE( bra size): I FINALLY GOT MEASURED! I went to Victoria Secret and they measured me out at a 34DDD. Didn't think I'd be that big. Initially my goal was at least a D but I guess I got more that what I thought I'd get. I am totally fine with that though I have no regrets on going with the size. Victoria Secret sizing actually works differently I'm not sure if y'all realized that but basically I'm a DD in regular bras meaning bras that aren't from there. The styles I really loved were the Demi Dream Angels, Demi Body by Victoria, Wireless t shirt bra, and I never thought I'd like the extra push but I did the push up very sexy. I would probably only get one push up just to have for those nights where I want the extra lift and closeness.
BOOBIE UPDATE(drop and fluff): prior to my BA my left was alway lower and more pointed downward. That hasn't changed which I don't mind because I never expected my PA it fix it. Our anatomy is just like that and obviously you can only do so much to improve certain imperfections so with that being said yes my left is lower than my right still but it's nothing that I'm worried about. As long as I can't tell in clothes then I am perfectly good. My nipples are pretty evenly aligned so at least that tells me my right is catching up as far as dropping goes. WOW WOW WOW I feel like fluffing and dropping happens everyday and they look and feel so much more natural the farther along I am. My boobs aren't pointy any more and they are soooooo squishy. To me they feel almost real. I still have some softening to go but I'm totally loving it!! I do have to double bra on my sports bras right now when I go to the gym because boy do they bounce and it hurts. Never had that issue before lol but what can I say big boob probs right. I haven't found any high impact sports bras that I like an that keep the girls in place. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you have any suggestions comment below I would appreciate it so much! Downside on My dropping and fluffing is once I began to fluff and drop which happened so fast by the way, my stretch marks came in HOT. I have soooo many and they are very very noticeable and red. Most of the time I was used to having white stretch marks but these are def making their appearance. I am using three different products together and Ive probably been using them for about 3 weeks now so I haven't seen any real real improvement just yet. I use Bio oil and vitamin E cream together once in the morning once at night and during the day I rub coconut oil on them. So far it's been good I mean they do look tad less red so I am hoping it helps fade the stretch marks. I love the bio oil and vitamin E cream together because it keeps my girls moisturized.
Last thing I wanted to add what that I am still not a proud owner of any bras. I am using my front button sports bras I bought for post surgery and some DKNY bralettes I got from Costco and I removed the padding insertes so they are super comfy. Of course I wish I had a bit more support but for now that will do. I still feel like my PA did an awesome job at capturing that "natural look" for being so big and I can't stress that enough! I love them.
Anyways super long update. Sorry y'all I hope you enjoy reading and if you have any questions feel free to ask. Other than that I send my best happy healing wishes to the girls going through a BA. Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!
Xoxoxo Bee

Dr. Aiello

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