I Look Completely Natural, Like my New Nose is Actually Mine!

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It was more uncomfortable than painful, but I...

It was more uncomfortable than painful, but I looked like a truck had run over me. People looked at me and said I must have been in a lot of pain. The most uncomfortable part was not being able to breathe through my nose, having to have my head looking up all the time, and not being able to go out anywhere. This is a procedure that you have to think a million times before doing it and really check out different doctors and their backgrounds. Only pick a doctor that is board certified.

I was lucky that the first doctor I pick was a good one. My nose wasn't extremely big before the surgery but it was wide and I had a hump. Everytime I smiled it got even wider. I am hispanic, and we tend to have some what "pronounced" noses. But I just felt my nose did not go with the rest of my face (my face is long and skinny, which made my nose stick out even more).

Even right after the removal of the bandages I could see the difference. My nose was not extremely smaller, but it was more "collected", less fatter/ wider, and the hump was gone. However, I did look weird because my nose was a different skin color, it was lighter than the rest of my  face. And my face keep peeling, I think this was because I had not fully washed my face for like a week after the surgery. I couldn't wash it, for my face could not be fully immersed in water after surgery. I started looking normal like two week after the surgery.

My nose is still not extremely small. However, the doctor says that I am going the true shape of my nose a year after the surgery and it will probably get smaller from now till then. I am happy about that.

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