Worked for Me but You Need to Have Realistic Expectations

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I am fit and lean, run and workout 6 days a week...

I am fit and lean, run and workout 6 days a week but since puberty have had some deep dimpling on my outer, upper thighs no matter how hard or much I worked out. I was skeptical about Velashape, Velasmooth, Smoothshapes (I think they are all about the same) but I am definitely seeing results and would recommend it. It has been worth the money.

I had the technician focus specifically on the areas I needed it most - as opposed to my entire thigh area. It was not uncomfortable, felt like a deep tissue massage and I even fell asleep during one treatment.

I would say this, if you are dealing with stubborn cellulite or dimpling - first, have realistic expectations, you are NOT going to get rid of it completely! However, if you work really hard to bring your weight down to within the lower range of your BMI for height, and do some serious CONSISTENT weight training (focusing on lunges and squats) to tone the underlying muscles - then and only then might you see some results with a treatment like this. Essentially, lose the fat, see the muscle - there is no better approach to dealing with cellulite than this. I mean if you are 30lbs overweight you are probably going to be disappointed with this treatment or any other - it's no miracle worker. And if, after losing the weight, you are still left with lumps and bumps - the velashape can definitely help to improve the elasticity, texture, and contour of the skin stretched over those muscles.

Good luck!

Jan at Longview Aesthetic

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