Long Recovery Road, but It Worked for Me - Seattle, WA

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I was born with bad allergies and either had or...

I was born with bad allergies and either had or acquired through basketball injuries, a deviated septum. Beginning in my mid 30s I had a series of sinus infections that seemed to leave me on antibiotics more than i was off of them. Additionally, I started having headaches pretty much all of the time and sometimes severe ones triggered by a loud noise, a smell (perfume was a killer), or a bright light. After much discussion with doctors I decided to do the full roto rooter sinus surgery job when I was 39. The recovery was very painful. 3 weeks of pain killers and little work followed by 3 months of real sensitivity. It took maybe a full year after the surgery for me to feel better. I now feel good, not perfect, but very good. I flush with saline every day and try to get lots of sleep, which is hard with 3 kids.

Calvin Knapp, MD

Good reputation. Good communicator. Good result.

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