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I'm starting a new thread. I am embarking on my...

I'm starting a new thread. I am embarking on my second attempt to have this dreadful material removed from my body. I found Dr Tanovic through another girl on the board. So far, I can say she has qualities that differ from many surgeons...she is compassionate and kind, and explains things without getting frustrated. She seems extremely knowledgeable and I saw anonymous pics on her phone of silicone taken out in the OR. The fact that she seems humble and doesn't promote herself or talk badly about other surgeons is very important to me. I'm very hopeful and feel confident I'm making the right decision...right now I'm waiting to see her. Praying for a surgery date that is soon! I'll keep you ladies posted

One day post op silicone removal

Well, it is an understatement to say that Dr Rios left me full of this stuff. If you read my last review, then you already know what he took out of my body. You have seen the pictures. Now I'm going to post some pictures of what Dr. Tanovic took out of my body last night in a surgery that lasted 5 1/2 hours. It's very graphic. Please beware. Although my body is disfigured right now, some of it will even out with time and it's a small price to pay for getting this garbage out of me! In the pictures, and you can see where she cuts into my tissue and it's all white underneath. She said it was all very hard, my body encapsulated the product. Very little silicone was actually in there. She said the OR was filled with a strange smell like sweet rubber, I don't even know what the heck I was injected with :(

Graphic photos

Thanks to Dr Tanovic, I'm healthy again!!!

I'm feeling very grateful. Second surgery was today, 3 hrs...the dr did more removal, debridement/!a "wash out" to get rid of the film that was left over after removal. I'm in shock that this stuff is no longer part of my body.'s been years. Thank u God, thank u Dr T. :)
I will post more but I just got transferred to the surgical unit and am exhausted. As luck would have it, my period came yesterday (6 days early ugh) but it's fine. One less thing to deal w nxt week at home.
The dr said I am draining very well which means not a lot of stuff in the space between tissue (which would have prevented successful reconstruction) so that's great news! By the new year I should be good as new. Xoxo

One week post-op. So grateful to be in the US this time!!!

Hey ladies...I didn't want to post many pictures this time around, but I know that is what you all look for (I did the same) so I will do so later on today. You can also PM me for pics.
My hips are deformed but I am otherwise really happy with the outcome.
(My hips HAD to be deformed, if you saw the pics of what was removed from them.) It's temporary, the dr will be starting my first reconstruction as soon as the tissue is sealed enough inside (she said as early as 8 weeks, so we'll see! I'm hoping before Thanksgiving). I know the reconstruction has to be done in steps, to layer the fat back in.
It's been hard to sleep, with the drains and the tight compression garments. I go back and forth between four different garments. Other than that, I feel great. I am sitting on my butt easily, which she said is good to do for more compression to the area. I'm a little stiff at times, but still just trying to take it easy. I saw the incisions the other day at my first post-op...not bad!!!! Thank God.
I just want to say that being here in the US close to home has made all the difference this time. I would not recommend going oversees to anyone. This recovery is way easier because I have my family and friends, and everyone speaks English to me.

Some pictures of the incisions

Hey ladies. I'm posting these pictures even though I don't want to. I know a lot of you are interested in where the doctor cut me, so I want to show you. There is a squiggly mark in the middle of my butt cheek, the doctor explained that this was where I had some of the product embedded in my skin and she had to make a tiny cut to pull it out. She said these will all heal very nicely and this doctor also specializes in scar revision. I am also showing you how my hip is concave. The other one is also, but I am just showing one for example. I know this will easily be fixed during the reconstruction. Overall it's not too bad! Really, I think the ugliest part of this is the incision that Dr Rios made. Up my butt crack and it did not heal really good. That's OK, Dr Tanovic will fix that for me too! She also corrected that deformity that dr Rios left -remember that lump where the scar tissue was pulling inside on my left butt cheek? It's not there anymore :)

Consults are not free anymore, ladies

I am so sorry, the office initially told me that my friends would be given a free consult because they had started charging a while back. But I guess the doctor spending a lot of time with each person, and then a lot of people wind up not having surgery. I know it's frustrating, but when it comes down to it, this is still a business even though the doctor has a very good heart. For anyone who really needs or wants to go, please don't let this stop you from making an appointment. There is a consult fee for almost every doctor, at least with Dr Tanovic, she will take her time with you, examine you and really educate you about the options. I know this is hard and we all have a financial struggle :/


Hi all...
Just want to update all of you on the importance of compression after the surgery. I was wearing Spanx, then graduated to a tighter Colombian faja...but it was the kind that has LIGHTER compression over the buttcheeks (really emphasizes your assets, you know?) I didn't realize it was not providing tight enough compression. Last week I switched to this other garment by Underworks, its the padded butt and hip compression shorts, about $45. I'll tell you this...I have some serious thighs, and it squeezes me tight like a sausage on the legs. It's not comfortable but I've been sleeping in it and everything. I also started sleeping on my back and sitting a LOT, which I should have been doing this whole time. This is like the reverse of BBL lol

getting confused and frustrated

First off...please don't tell me "stay positive" in response to this update...I am trying very hard. I like to think this is where I can vent, and am allowed to be upset sometimes. I also am getting my period gain any minute, which makes it even harder not to cry right now....

Every time I go for a follow up, the Dr tells me I am allowed to walk, and do light activity, just not to "overdo it." I have been following these orders. I do walk around my house, sometimes I go to a friend's house or a store but I don't do much! I am in the house 90% of every day. I don't lift anything heavy. I have my groceries delivered, I hired someone to clean for me every few weeks. Yet today I am told today by the office that I'm still draining so much because there is still that "dead space" which is not healing bc I'm doing too much. I was told to have my mother wait on me hand and foot. This just isn't realistic. Let's be you call someone to come drive over and put the laundry in the dryer? Or to get up and charge your phone? Or to make your coffee? I mean, activity is REQUIRED to live! I don't have a cook, or an assistant. I'm thinking, this is not what's wrong....I must still have more silicone that's creating this dead space. I honestly DON'T think it's my activity that is the problem. I'm getting really sick of all this. It is really hard to keep my head up today.
I guess the point of me writing this is to say, unless you have a cook, maid, and personal assistant to wait on you hand and foot...maybe think twice. Because I was under the impression I would be able to take care of myself but apparently that's causing issues...? Please, did anyone else have this experience? I'm close to giving up right now. I can't think that after 3 weeks of recovery, I have to stat over. I can't take much more!

More surgery

Hi gals..I am keeping this short bc I'm in the hospital bed and don't much feel like writing. I'm back in the hospital, had another 5 hour surgery on Tuesday. I'm grateful the dr is very thorough, but of course I'm sad to be starting back at this point. She removed a lot more...muscle, tissue and fat. Definitely hurts. The doctor said the drains were auctioning more of this stuff to the surface like a vacuum. When she opened me a whole new batch of stuff was right under the skin again. She said she sprinkled Acell powder on my tissue inside to help seal it and also to start stimulating new growth of tissue and fat. She also did a bit of a lift and cut out the old incisions to leave new ones. I can't see anything yet bc I'm all bandaged.
Ladies I hope and pray this doesn't happen again....I cannot wait to heal and have reconstruction and start getting on with my life!

Still draining, lots of pain at the drain sites but feeling ok overall

Hi ladies. I always feel guilty when I don't update for a while. I hate to make everyone read through all the comments to see what's going on. It's been slow and steady over here. I don't want to jinx myself, but I think I'm out of the woods as far as needing more removal surgery. The doctor seems more confident that I am on the road to recovery, which is amazing. I just can't believe all of the things I used to take for granted. I guess I've been very emotional lately. I truly cannot wait to get back to my life, get back to my two jobs and traveling and being active! This experience makes us aware of the people who are truly there for us in life.
My drain output is very inconsistent, so it's hard to say where im at.....the doctor has been instilling tetracycline powder mixed with Saline into the drain holes to act as an irritant. The idea is to cause an inflammatory response in the tissue to make it seal and dry up a little faster. Here's hoping!! I'm wishing all of you good health and the strength to get through this journey. My best friend had her removal surgery with another doctor at the end of March, and now she is ready for her reconstruction. I am beyond happy for her, it gives me a lot of hope and strength to keep going.

Just a brief update on my recovery process/game plan

Hello ladies...
Im feeling emotional (maybe because I'm also sick)...I am overcome with gratitude for this board, and for every single one of you. I don't know where I would be without the love, support, and identification from others in the same boat.
I'm continuing to heal (slowly, with many bumps along the way). Some days my drains are clogged, some days they suddenly put out 250 again (!!) So the doctor came up with an idea. This is why I love her, she's very innovative and resourceful...she often says I am not a typical patient, and that she has to think outside the box for me. In a few more weeks (she's going to let the drains hopefully dry up a bit more), she will operate on me again. It's NOT more removal, and its not reconstruction (kind of like PRE-reconstruction). The plan is to close some of the dead space by tucking the fat roll above my hip INSIDE and pulling the skin below my hip upward to meet it. It's hard to explain, and only makes sense when u have a visual. PM me for pics, but I don't feel like posting more pics on here. Anyway, the thing is that I have a giant crater/indent on both sides where my hips used to be. It was all full of silicone/dead tissue, so it's now quite empty and i have like NEGATIVE hips lol. This surgery will allow her to bridge the space between the lateral thighs and waist by removing some scar tissue (I think) This has three purposes:
1. My body will look a little more presentable (this will make things a tad better while I await reconstruction)
2. This will close some of that dead space that keeps filling with fluid. She anticipates I won't drain too much longer after this procedure
3. It will make recon SO much easier. Without this procedure, she would have to add layers of fat over and over to fill in this deficits in my hips. It would take forever.

So...I'm a bit relieved. There's some hope! The reconstruction always feels so far away, this will help me to feel a little more confident.

I hope you're all doing amazing...this week I had the privilege of meeting a member from the board in person at the doctor's office! It makes me so happy to see others on the road to health. Don't ever give up!!

Was I expecting too much?

Well ladies...I know I told you all in the last post about the surgery the dr was planning (pls read it before asking me what happened)
I had that surgery last week. She feels she did an amazing job with laying the ground work for the reconstruction (flaps advancement, padding the hips indentations by pulling down fat from above the area. No lipo or actual recon yet.
Me? I think it's not what I was expecting. I am still significantly deformed, you can see it through my clothing (not that Ive worn much besides mumus since AUGUST). But also, the main point of this surgery was to help me stop draining sooner. The drainage is still going up and down daily, hovering between 105-150 the last few days but sometimes shooting up to 180 without reason. i am 9 days post-op. We discussed that after this surgery I should stop draining within 1-2 weeks. Soooo......

I've been as inactive as a slug. It's really starting to get to me. The dr told me not to walk a single step if I don't HAVE to. Well, guess what....the food doesn't walk itself to me, neither does the mail, my clothing, my toilet, or anyhting else a person needs throughout the day. So these are my only activities, and I walk as slow as humanly possible when I have to get up. . Yet still Im always told the drainage amount is due to my activity. Not buying it. I still see wads of material and gunk (tissue, fat) in the tubing of the drains all day long.
*The worst part is that when I called this week with concerns, the doctor seemed to dismiss me in a way Ive never experienced from her before. I think she is tired of not having answers for me, and tired of hearing that NO the draining did not slow down. It made me feel hurt and frustrated.
I have always been treated with compassion, but both times this week I felt as if I was an annoyance. I am posting this bc I feel it is my obligation to be honest and impartial in my review.

Back from my hiatus

Hello loves! I took a little break from these message boards, because I found it a bit discouraging after awhile to hear that some ppl had a really easy time with this. I started to feel like, "Why is my journey so much harder than everyone else's?" But after awhile, I missed sharing info and trying to offer support and hope. So I'm back. Let me bring you all up to speed...
I went back into the hospital in November bc the damn drains were stillll draining...and had an additional 5 surgeries in the 2.5 weeks I was there. I left the hospital with a wound vac hooked up to both hips, but a few days lter the right side closed so now it's just closing the left side (remember in my Rios review, I had he wound vac when I got back here to NY? Yeah...same machine)...btw, Dr Tanovic started trying to revise that ugly deep curved scar Dr Rios left me with! It's straight now, at least. It will be revised again during reconstruction.
So...I've been out of the hospital one month, still have the wound vac. I have the home care nurse coming twice a week, and I see Dr T once a week. The left side has been closing nicely. She said by next week if it closes enough, she can suture it in the office. If not, she can scrape the inside and then do a flaps advancement in the office...? Idk. It made sense when she explained it.
I'm very eager to be done with all this and to start planning reconstruction. But....I know I have to keep being patient. My time will come. I'm the fattest I've ever been, so she will have plenty of fat to work with! Lol.. I have to say, the best part of this journey so far has been getting to meet so many other girls from this board!
I will post some updated pics. I had to have my incision marks extended on each side, now they go onto the hip : ( Not happy about that, but it seems like it was the only way she could reach it. I still feel some silicone in there, I know I always will....but hopefully what's left won't bother me.

More stuff removed yesterday at the doctor's office

Hi ladies and gents… So I still have this wound VAC. It's definitely getting close to the end, thank God. However, I felt two or three more hard lumps that I pointed out to the doctor last week. So we scheduled an in office procedure which I had yesterday. The doctor was able to use the hole from the wound VAC to go in and get more material out. I hope that's the last of it. The wound VAC should be coming off next week.
Even though it makes me very uncomfortable, I decided to add a few photos. I know that's what we look for the most in each other's updates. To be honest, I don't look so bad in clothes. I wear a padded panties a lot of the time, but even when I don't.. the bottom of my butt looks OK so I just have to pick the right clothing

Wound vac off

Hi all! Just wanted to post a quick update (although I talk to so many of you off the board, so a lot of you know this stuff) I had the wound vac removed 2 weeks ago...Dr Tanovic sutured the wound on the inside and left the outside open to drain. Last week when I went back, she sutured the outside also, but left it open at the end so it can continue to drain out fluid. It was very painful last week when the lidocaine wore off! But this week it's feeling a lot better. I'm so grateful and happy to not be attached to any drains or vacs!!!!! YAY! So now I am wearing tight compression again, to try to push all the fluid out of this left hip. Then when it's dry, I have to just let it soften a little bit, and then I can have reconstruction...I know that all sounds like a long process, but I believe in my heart it can (and will) happen next month! Please don't give up on this anyone out there lurking and reading all these posts but thinking, "I don't want to go through all that, I'll just wait to see if it gets worse"...please don't let it get worse. if you're having symptoms, then it needs to come out. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be. xoxoxoxo love to you all


Hellooooo RS peeps! I went to Dr Tanovic this past Thursday...she said the left hip wound is doing well. It's still draining out a little bit of fluid, maybe 5ml/day. She said it looks I asked her, "OK, what do I still need to wait for before I can plan reconstruction?" And she said Nothing. We can plan it for next month." !!!!!!! I am tentatively booked for March 10th, I could not be happier! OMG, I felt like this would never come. I could cry. It's really going to happen, I am going to get to the other side. I am so so grateful.
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