Finally Getting Rid of This Silicone!

I created a review yesterday but it did not get...

I created a review yesterday but it did not get approved? I wonder why? Well, here I go again.. I really want to share my story. So 5 years ago I had one session of silicone injections. Spring of 2015, my buns began to itch, a deep internal itch. So uncomfortable. They would also feel hot, my whole body feels warm but my cheeks at times feel on fire. Horrible. I had an MRI done last year and the silicone has spread. I now have discoloration, two large dark rings, one on each cheek. Lumps have been formed & I have many attached to my muscle, including a golf sized ball, which hurts like heck. I went to see dr. Mahira Tonavic ( thanks to west coast mom) she made me feel comfortable and she knows what she is doing. I'm all in. Extremely thankful. Hoping to go forward with the surgery in December. God willing. For those who are going through this, I'd like to say to keep the faith. This is difficult for us all, and please know that you are not alone. I'll be soon taking posting pre op pics.. Stay tuned..

Surgery pushed to January 2017

Due to insurance issues, my surgery will be postponed to January, I'm hoping it doesn't snow much this winter since I'll be driving back & forth to NY.
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