I Am Finally Rid of This Awful Mole! Long Island, NY

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I have had this disgusting mole on my chin for...

I have had this disgusting mole on my chin for ages. It was so noticeable and kids would always point at it and ask what it was. Hair would grow out of it and become ingrown. There was nothing positive about it other than it was noncancerous. I went to a plastic surgeon to have it excised (at the same time as some restylane injections in my tear troughs). It is a little sore 24 hours later but it is so worth it. There are steri-strips covering dissolvable sutures, and a bruise has formed overnight. I would do this again in a heartbeat.

48 hours later

It is actually a little sore and I think the steri-strips are loosening when I eat. The bruise is deep purple now, which I sort of expected because I bruise just thinking about trauma. I am still happy with the whole process though.

Mole Removal Update

The swelling is better and the bruise is mostly dark purple but hasn't gotten bigger, so that's a plus. The steri-strips are starting to get a little loose but are still hanging on. I cut a loose part off that was just sticking out and the first few days I put a tegaderm dressing over it while I took a shower. The surgeon said they should come off in 5 days and I honestly did not expect them to stay on this long. Now I just take a shower and I figure if they fall off, they fall off. Once the steri-strips come off then I am supposed to wash the wound with mild soap and then put on bacitracin.
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