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I believe - after consulting a few doctors, that...

I believe - after consulting a few doctors, that Amiya Prasad, MD does NOT do FREE consults - I am exploring all of my options without yet committing to anything. I am now gathering info. Bosley's FREE consult was not enticing because you can not speak with a doctor - yet their main doctor did call me personally and he was very nice and informative. I have one or two FREE consults yet to see.

Amiya Prasad, MD - No free consult

I have not ruled out this doctor or the two others that I am considering...
I am also thinking of trying laser therapy for 3 months before committing to surgery.
These procedures are hugely expensive, and I want to be extremely satisfied? with the outcome.

Rethinking Transplant

I have decided to try Laser Treatments from a very reputable establishment. Costly ($3500.00) for 15 months twice a week for a half hour. I do not have severe hair loss - yet, and would prefer to forgo invasive surgery for a less invasive plan of action.

Updated Decision

I have decided to try Laser Hair Therapy for 9 months, 2X a week for $1500.00. Payments will be about $80.00 per month. It is well worth a try - as transplants could cost $11,000. - 15,000.
Reviews have been very good for this type of treatment. It takes about 6 months to see results. I will keep you posted.
Dr. Mollura (not yet...)

None, yet.

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