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I first had Coolsculpting done in April on my...

I first had Coolsculpting done in April on my lower abdomen using 2 large applicators. It did hurt, but bearable. After a couple of weeks I noticed some giggling in my upper abdomen so I repeated the procedure on my whole abdomen which cost $6000.00 in addition to $3000.00 I initially spent. Initially, I did not really see any results. I do work out (martial arts and lifting weights), but I've worked out for awhile and always had problems with my abdomen. After two months I put on my uniform pants and they felt looser and loop my belt tighter. Now, I still have a pooch. Apparently, that is where my body likes to store fat. Coolsculpting definitely worked for me, but the results are not as dramatic as liposuction. For me it was worth it. Now I did step up my weightlifting as well. Whether that had anything to do with it, I am not sure.
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