Consultation only: Breast Cancer - Long Island, NY

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Dr Israeli seems nice and competent, but I have...

Dr Israeli seems nice and competent, but I have found he is dishonest, why...he works with Dr Palleschi, I found her to be very strange.... she was trying to force my to go to north shore imaging for testing as she is affiliated wight them via NRAD, I live in NYC, i needed to get these tests close by.. she told me she only trusted North Shore, I find that interesting cause they lost my film!!! anyway I decided to stay in NY for testing....Palleschi had a fit, she made my life miserable for a month.... nice thing for a cancer doctor to do make a cancer patients life more stressful than it is.
Anyway, back to Dr Israeli, I saw him and spent hours there, and they took my insurance.
I asked Dr Israeli if he new another good surgeon, as Palleschi gave me much grief over where to take tests!!
Long story short, he lied to me to get rid of me by having his office tell me 6 weeks after I saw him they do not accept my insurance. That was medical negligence.
For the sake of argument , lets say they do no accept my insurance, they wait six weeks to tell me? Any doctor who puts their friends above the paitent with cancer should have their license revoked.. this is negligent and a disgrace to all good surgeons in USA. Use him at your own risk.
The morals of a Dr speaks volumes about them.. Dr Israeli has proven he has little morals or caring except for his colleagues .
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