26 Mother of 2.... 5'11 155lbs. Long Island City, NY

I'm 11 days away from my BA with Dr. Blaine and...

I'm 11 days away from my BA with Dr. Blaine and I'm extremely anxious, nervous and excited .. After breastfeeding two beautiful children my boobs are what I'm self conscious about on my body ..I'm sooo happy I'm finally brave enough to proceed with this surgery. I deserve it ! :) I'm going from a 36B not so perky sad boobies to 500 CC HP ! I can't wait to not have to wear a bra ... Lol ;)

Day 3 Post op

I can't believe I did it ..but it's done ! Day 1 and 2 was crucial but definitely do able ... I'm finally at day three and I feel so much better .. I'm looking forward to being a week post and learning how to massage my boobs.. I just feel so relieved :) .
Long Island Plastic Surgeon

Knows what she's talking about ! I feel very comfortable with her :)

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