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"Hip Implants and Liposuction of the Flanks"

This is actually my second procedure. My first...

This is actually my second procedure. My first procedure included liposuction of my mid-section and arms and fat transfer to the hips. Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg performed the surgery in March 2012. I believe I paid around $7,000. I was somewhat disappointed with the results. I don't believe he extracted as much fat as he could have; therefore there was less fat available for the transfer to the hips. Within one month, 80% percent of the fat had dissolved. Furthermore, I still had a slight gut and flab on my arms. I was so depressed. I have always had an unpleasant (imo) figure. I am 5'4'' and my weight has sometimes fluctuated from 130 pounds to 145 pounds (I currently weigh 132 pounds). My breasts are quite large for my frame (34D) and I have always had a round butt (until recent years, when the top of my butt began to sag). However, I was cursed with no hips! I have dreamed (literally) of having hips since I was a teen. So after the first disappointment I made up my mind that I would never give up my goal of having an hourglass figure. I thought that since I tried the fat transfer and received less than stellar results, I would try an alternative: hip implants. I knew it was a rare procedure, but I was determined to transform my lackluster figure. So I researched and researched and researched some more. I finally found Dr. Paul Chugay of Beverley Hills and Long Beach, CA. I read reviews about him (which were mixed) and had a phone consultation a few weeks after submitting pictures of my trouble areas to his office. He was very nice and answered all of my questions adequately. I decided to have him complete my next procedure. The staff was extremely welcoming and made me feel comfortable. Following the procedure, I woke up in tons of pain. However, I alerted the nurse, who alleviated the pain quickly thereafter. The first few days were absolutely treacherous. I literally could not walk without holding on to something (or someone) to brace myself. I was not in much pain, but I was extremely uncomfortable in the hip area. I laid on my stomach for about a week, getting up ever so often to walk around. When the discomfort began to wear off (and I began to walk normally again), I was obsessed with my body. I was in love! I could not believe this was me! About two weeks after the surgery, I showed the results to my friend, who stated that it was a job well-done. She then began calling me Beyonce lol. I'll admit-I was hyped. But.....that was short lived :( It has been almost 5 weeks since the procedure, and the swelling (I hope) has completely gone down. The Beyonce curves I had was due to swelling! I knew I was still swollen but I couldn't decipher between swelling and the actual implant. Now that there is no more swelling, there is a slight difference from the first procedure, but not enough for me to boast of having an hourglass figure. I will be honest, I have lost sleep over this. As I have said earlier, I will not give up trying to attain my (much needed) hips! But...I need help! What should I do? Should I try another fat transfer? Should I replace the implants for larger ones? I will continue to research but I would appreciate it if anyone who has had their hips enhanced could contact me with any helpful information. Thanks!

Anyone know the best doctor for a fat transfer to the hips (and a possible BBL)???

I think I will try another fat transfer (from my inner thighs) to my hips, but I need the absolute best surgeon for the job. ( I think I also want to put some fat in the top of my butt). I am willing to travel! Help me out please! Also can anyone tell me how to block tattoos before i post pictures???
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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