23 Years Old, No Kids, 32B, 300-320CC High Profile Under the Muscle

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I am 6 days away from my surgery. I have been so...

I am 6 days away from my surgery. I have been so busy studying that I actually lost track of the days and now, its around the corner! I had my consultation on the 11th of October, it went so well and I walked out ecstatic and so pleased with my choice of plastic surgeon. I used to be a very small cup (30A) when I was weight lifting intensely last year but ever since I have stopped training chest altogether I have gone up a cup size. My ideal size would be the most naturally looking and largest size for my frame. I weigh 54kg's and my height is 1.63cm with a small waist and relatively broad shoulders. My PA gave me two options being 300CC high profile and 350CC very high profile. At the appointment we decided on the 300CC's but every since then I am leaning more towards the 320-350CC's end. I want to be a full C cup/small D cup. I know that on the day of surgery, that's when we finally decide on the size and I will relay my wants to my PA. I have one exam left tomorrow and after that the nerves will start setting in. I've had to stop all my herbal medications last week already so I've been struggling without my Gingko Baloba for studying but I will be fine.

I have a cold :(

My surgery is tomorrow morning and I think it might be postponed :( I was almost better on Friday until my irregular period hit me on Saturday morning and I believe that worsened the last bit of a cold that needed to clear. From all the stress this year of my studies and the burn out o was feeling this month, I just think my immune system was at a low even though I drink my green smoothies and keep my diet healthy. My PS is going to give me a callback to discuss my symptoms and if we can or can't operate tomorrow. I only have a blocked nose, with a mild cough so hopefully it will be okay. FINGERS CROSSED!!


So, I've just come back from my GP and she has examined my throat to be inflamed which is a slight issue for surgery when there's tubes down my throat. I was more bummed on Sunday when my cold got worse and I thought I would need to postpone it but I know it is for my own safety and I am glad to wait, it's only 2 more days. My PS and the nurses encouraged that I see a GP rather and they were very understanding to move things around for me. I will be full on resting and recovering back to full health, ready for boobies on Thursday :)


To be safe, my PS has rather suggested that we postpone my surgery further to be sure that my cold has cleared 100% as I might be better on Thursday but still with some flu symptoms. I don't mind this at all, I would rather want to be fully recovered and strong for my surgery because after the operation, the recovery needs a healthy immune system.

Better :)

I'm finally feeling like myself again. My cold seems to be in its last stages. I've been resting all day, drinking plenty of fluids and taking my meds to ensure that I am 100% better for next week. I will continue to rest until Tuesday and I'm started to get really excited but slightly nervous :D I will upload before photos soon. I must say, I love my boobs now with their shape and look and I can't wait to love them even more once they're improved!

Before pics and stats about me

Only 2 more sleeps left until my surgery :D I am 5'4 in height , weighing 110lbs. I didn't hey my dimensions from my PS but here is a before picture for an idea. I am currently a 32B cup and I am pretty set on getting 350CC high profile silicone implants. I'm so excited :D

Sneak peak

It's been 3 days post OP and I haven't gotten round to a full update because I've been sooo nauseous and exhausted. I will get around to it soon but in the meantime ,, here are two sneak peak pics . PS. we went with 300CC


Dr Steinmann

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