36 Year Old, 5'5 107lbs, 34AA Looking to Be a Full B Cup! - Lone Tree, CO

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Really good experience with Dr. Broadway and his...

Really good experience with Dr. Broadway and his staff so far, but of course, I haven't had the procedure yet. They were were professional and knowlegable and didn't push me in to making any decisions.
Dr. Broadway listened to what I wanted and I didn't feel like I was being sold anything. Also, another thing I really liked about the Dr. was that he offered BA under Local Anestesia only!!!
My body doesn't do well with sedatives, so I was glad that was an option :)

Pre-op Pics

I was always on the small side on top (34AA/A) but after breastfeeding two boys, I went down to basically just a nipple.
I still love my body, but I don't like that the size of my breasts limits me on what I can wear. I am really looking for a natural looking breast that fits my lifestyle. I am a very active person and rather down to earth, so I am facing a little bit of a complex with even doing this surgery :(!

200+ Sientra Teardrop ... what do you think?

At my consultation, I told the Dr. that I wanted a full B cup. He recommended 200cc Sientra tear drop under the muscle. I was fine with that at first, but after reading all the reviews on here, I am starting to think that maybe 200cc is too small ... leaning towards 240cc. Also, I am wondering if I should go with the anatomical shape. It looks like there is more risk of rotation with teardrops, but I really like the shape. So I am confused! What do you guys think?

I picked Dr. Broadway based on the reviews I read online and also based on the before and after results he had posted on his website. I had a really good interaction with him at the consultation. At first, I went to him to see if he could do a fat transfer from my butt to my breasts since eventhough I am lean, I still have a butt, but the told me I don't have enough fat and if he would take any fat out of my butt, I would look like a little boy. then he said if I am interested, he could talk about BA, but only if I am interested. Since the consultation was $125, I decided to talk about BA anyways. He took my measurements and listened to what I wanted. I told him, My ideal cup size would be a large B cup, like a 24B. He recommended Sientra, teardrop 200cc. I tried on a few sizers, and then him and his assistant told me I could think about it to see if this is really something I want to do. I really liked the fact that they were not pushy. Before deciding on the surgery, I emailed the assistant with a lot of questions and she answered them all without ever pushing me in to making a decision. Finally, I decided to schedule the surgery. So, now it is scheduled for June 24th. I am really nervous, part of me keeps wondering if I am making the right decision and wants to feel guilty for spending so much money on vanity.... does anyone else feel like that?

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