WANTED: Tiny Waist! Vaser? Smartlipo? - London, OH

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I feel like the more i research the more confused...

i feel like the more i research the more confused i become! I'm 26, slim (uk size 10-12) and curve in the right places. However, when i gain weight (and currently I'm at the higher end of fluctuation) i lose my waist and my pooch is hella wobbly! I've always had a little bit of a belly... even at my skinniest, weighting in at 7st 9lb. Although i was never bothered by it. Only the way i gain weight. I'd really like to change the shape of my waist, while keeping everything else the same size as i am now.

So, being young with good skin, i really don't want to end up with this dimply effect all over my stomach. If it is a strong risk then I'm pretty certain i'd rather stay as i am.

I've looked through sooooooo many before and after photos by sooooooooo many different surgeons world wide. I'm so lost with it all. Ive seen a lot of great post op photos, but for every one of those there seem to be thrice as many bad jobs. :/ Its purely the pitted, uneven, 'looks like you've had lipo' result I'm scared of. I feel it makes you look like your body is older and collagen levels are falling.

should i give up on the idea if this is my main concern?

I have a surgeon in mind... Mike Comins of Hans Place, Knightsbridge. He seems to be extremely experienced in this field. I've read through a lot of reviews and there are also bad ones, which i understand is the same with anything you research.

what to do... :(

can anyone shed any light on this and help me to have a little faith in the result if i were to go through with it?
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