Gynecomastia Removal

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I'm a 20 year old male, my height is 6ft and I...

I'm a 20 year old male, my height is 6ft and I weight between 75-80kg (fluctuates between this figure quite regularly).

I've had Gynecomastia since puberty, which has further grown over the course of the last 5 years. I was able to hide this with fairly comfortable compression shirts, however since they've grown even larger, I'm now having to wear even stronger garments under my clothes at all times, in order to hide the gyne.

Whilst being within my 'healthy range' of weight for my height, I have a lot of additional fat on my abdomen (my lower abdomen is about 40 inches, which is 'abdominal obesity'). This, in addition to my flanks and chest, gives me an extremely feminine figure.

I searched around for fairly local surgeons, however as there is no VASER machines in the south of England, London is the only real option for me. I found a clinic near to myself who are able to do follow ups etc. locally, but the actual procedure will be up in London - with Dr. Jofilly.

At our consultation, he examined my chest and confirmed there are hard glands under my chest, which will require incision and removal.

I also decided to go through with VASER Lipo on my chest, upper and lower abdomen and flanks. The consultant clinic was extremely helpful and friendly, and explained the procedure quite well and the logistics of going through with the surgery.

I have a provisional date booked in for the end of this month, but haven't yet confirmed anything. But I'm probably about 20 days pre-surgery at the moment. I will add some photos in due course!

My aim is for a 'manly chest' with some definition, although I'm not sure if I have enough muscle underneath, since I've avoided training my chest, so as to not make my chest any larger.

My top two abs can be seen slightly if I 'suck in' my stomach, so I'm hoping for that sort of a result all across my abdomen, without sucking in, post procedure. I do think I have some muscle under there that can be worked on, just need this massive layer of fat gone!

I underwent Cyro/CoolScultping earlier this year, and in my honest opinion, it's a complete waste of money. It resulted in paradoxical hyperplasia in my chest (making them appear more 'pointy' if anything!) and also had a mild case of it on my upper abdomen.

Hyperplasia doesn't go away with just exercise and diet, neither do the gynecomastia glands, so surgery was ultimately my only real option.

I'll try and update this regularly, with pre/post-op photos, as and when I can!

Pre-Op Photos

1 month pre-operation photos.

I'm fairly skinny throughout my body, except for my torso, which without compression makes me look pregnant/female-esque (take your pick). Hope the next time I'm posting my photos, there's absolutely no resemblance to this current sorry state.

Pre-Op Screen

Had my pre-op screen earlier today. Had my pictures taken, blood pressure, blood tests and swabs done today, along with my weight and measurements for the compression garment. A brief medical history and medication check too.

Have to wear the garment for 4 weeks straight, although been told it won't be too bad to switch to a lighter compression after two weeks. Been told to have Arnica 30 tablets, starting a week before the operation. Was given some other information and documentation too. I'll be on general anaesthesia, with an overnight stay. She suggested VASER HD was more appropriate for me, considering I'm someone who's extremely scrutinising of my own body. I'm not expecting a six pack from this, just very slight definition as a result of a smaller level of fat, so I reassured her that I'd like to go through with it for certain. I also have 'great skin laxity' so with the glands removed, the chest should show a significant improvement right away, although the stomach won't for a while, purely because of the swelling being more prominent.

I have 4 MLD massages booked, all within three and a half weeks of the operation, with my first follow-up a week later, as they do the first MLD massage at the same time, and a week is the time they recommend before starting those, as the soreness is way too high for the majority of people.

She seemed slightly bewildered at the fact I'm so conscious about my body, especially when I told her I've never taken my top off in front of someone in 10 years. But I guess that's what Gynecomastia does to you; I could probably have been OK without it, confidence-wise.

So my surgery isn't really about getting 'ripped' (it'll of course), but it's about getting my confidence back and be 'normal' without having to worry about how to cover my fat and my chest at any possible opportunity; I'd love to be able to take my top off and not give it a second thought.

Pre-op nerves are creeping in now, about how much fat will be left and how natural it'll look (whether it'll even be worth the money). Also quite apprehensive of the recovery, for the first couple of weeks. I know I deal with pain fairly well, but I'd like some mobility.

Still can't believe I'm doing this, and following through with it. This is something I've been researching on and off since I was 15, never thinking I'd financially be in a position to afford it; nor going through operation, without anyone else in my family/friends knowing.

Going in to make my payment later this week. Turns out its £1,100 more than I was originally quoted, but this included the 4 massages, a driver on the day, the 'special' garments (this was included in the price originally). I haven't been charged VAT for one of the procedures however, so my total cost for this will be £7600 (inc all post op services). A lot costlier than I thought it would be, when I initially started this process of making it real, but I can *only just* about afford it, so took the hit. The gynecomastia surgery and a positive change in my body is, in my eyes, worth every penny.

My next update will probably be in the couple of days leading up to the surgery, shitting it.


Quick update. Made my payment yesterday: nothing else for me to do. £7600 in total.

Next step is to wait for the clinic to call me a few days before the surgery, confirm the time the driver will be picking me up on the morning of the operation and I'm good to go.

I'm getting more nervous day-by-day, especially about the recovery stage. I'm keeping it a secret, so I'll be alone for my whole recovery. Really hoping the worst of it will be over after two weeks, as have things to do from thereafter (but will be taking it easy). Also scared of the general anaesthesia and how I'll react to it after. I remember being under when I was younger, and waking up with anaesthesia in your system is horrifying to an extent.

Glad I'm in the hospital till 11AM the next day (for the first 24 hours of post-op recovery), with the surgeon around. Don't think I'd be able to handle going home that same night. Going to make sure I get enough painkillers to last me that initial week or two, as I have an issue with sleep as it is, and hope the painkillers can curb the pain and send me to sleep easier.

Will be getting an 'operation-bag' together. Anyone have any recommendations for things to take with you to your OP, with an overnight stay?

Planning to take this so far:
2 x comfortable large tshirts
3 x boxers
1 x lightweight hoodie
1 x lightweight jogging bottoms
1 x pair of comfortable trainers
Portable charger
Travel pillow
Sleep mask
£50 in cash
Arnica 30 tablets
Information docs provided by clinic

Anything else I should really be taking with me?

Also bought a handheld massager (non-electrical), some gauze swabs and tape, Arnica gel, constipation relief tablets, natural shower gel, lymphatic massage oil (to use with massager) and 3 microfibre towels for my post-op at home. Anything else essential?

Pre-Op: 3 Days to go

So my surgery is on Friday; the date seems to have crept up on me so quickly. Physically I feel fine leading up to it, but I don't feel mentally prepared just yet - do you ever?

Still have some nagging worries: Will my skin tighten enough? Will enough fat be removed to make a dramatic difference? Will it look natural? How visible will the scars be? Will there be any obvious mistakes or fatty deposits left?

I guess its natural to worry to that extent, especially with the amount of money I'm parting with. I rather look 'skinny' than have any sort of fat around my abdomen and chest, almost like a bit of a 'clean slate' with my body, so I can build it up to how I'd ideally like it to be.

Have started taking Arnica tablets and a Vitamin C supplement, also ordered some Protein Bars for after the op.

It's nerve-racking having something as important as your body in someone else's hands entirely, so I guess that's where my nerves are coming from. Being completely asleep during the surgery scares me too, but I guess it'll mean it'll all be over and done with without me worrying even more during it.

Admission time is at 8.30am I believe, so I'll be picked up around 6.30am most likely and taken directly there. So nervous for it, I'd definitely recommend telling people you're having something like this done - unlike myself. I think keeping it a secret goes a long way to making you feel those nerves more, because you're in it entirely alone and if something does go wrong, you have to deal with it head-on and independently.

Next update will probably be on the day, whilst I'm at the hospital. Will try to be as comprehensive as I can, despite the anaesthetic!

Morning of OP

Woke up a few hours too early, pick up is at 6AM, yet I've been awake since 3 - can't get back to sleep, so nervous about it. Will be getting all my stuff together soon. In another 10-12 hours, it'll all be over and I'll be in my room, waking up from the anaesthesia.

Crazy to think the one biggest source of unhappiness in my life - my body - will be transformed in just a few hours. I so hope I've made the right decision. I'm mentally prepared for the recovery I think, it's just the OP and the surgeon's expertise that I'm primarily worried about now!

Will update this as soon as I get a chance.


Well it's almost midnight now. I don't remember too much of the day. Got to the hospital at 8, filled in some forms. Was greeted by a nurse who took me to my room and asked some general questions. Got changed into my gown and see through knickers (not fun!). The anaesthetist came in, seemed in a rush, asked a few questions and gave me a bit of info before I signed the consent form. Then the doc came in to mark me up and said it won't be too long before they start. An hour later, and the nurse whisked me away to the anaesthesia specialist, where I had my blood pressure taken, oxygen levels taken and an oxygen masked put on me, along with a cannula fitted to the back of my hand for the anaesthesia. Within a minute or so from the first injection, I was asleep with no hesitation.

I woke up at around 3, I believe, so from around 11-3 is how long I was knocked out. Besides the obvious discomfort of the garment, there wasn't much else to report. I had a slightly painful area around my belly button and the incisions on the chest stung a little but it doesn't seem like the end of the world.

The first time I got out of bed... Wow! The fluid that leaked out was such a shock. I've been to the toilet about 8 times since the op and I thought it was getting under control but the fluid just came out a fair bit once again!

I keep drifting in/out of sleep. My eyes start to shut (even whilst typing this), almost instructing my body to sleep; but my body and mind don't seem to go the whole way to actually falling asleep. I've had nurses come in every hour or so to check my BP and pulse, so I guess that doesn't help either. Will have a nurse waking me up at 3AM to 'give me a shake' (check I'm not dead, lol?) and check my BP and pulse again.

I'm really, really hoping the fluid leaks stop before I go home tomorrow, wouldn't mind if if they were less red, but this just looks like blood!

As a side note, the garment doesn't seem that tight on my lower abdomen, despite doing it all the way up, which makes me think I was measured incorrectly to begin with for this garment? My upper abs are nice and compressed but the lower aren't really, if I breathe in, all compression is lost.

Anyways, day 1 of 7. I think when I finally get to see my body in a week, this will all finally feel like it's worth it.


Got a slight glimpse of my chest (with the pads still on) and I'm a optimistic now. Same for my lower stomach, although I keep leaking from here and the compression isn't tight at all.

2 weeks until I switch to a 12 hour on/off routine and I can't really wait.

Post-Op Day 3

Feeling OK on the whole and feel like my recovery so far has been quite good/typical. I don't have much bruising at all, except in the flanks area. I have a bit of fluid collection in this area and lower abdomen too (hoping its fluid/swelling rather than remaining fat). I was leaking fluid from the incisions in my public area until yesterday, but I've changed the dressing now and there doesn't seem to be a reoccurrence yet.

My garment is two sizes too big - ordered by the clinic after measuring me. They're getting a new one sent out to me tomorrow (from an XXL to a L). This may be because the swelling isn't as much as expected?

The flanks and lower abs have had no compression from the vest, which is probably why they're most sensitive. I've put a small micro-fibre towel underneath this to rectify it, but it's still not given me much compression the last couple of days. The foam also seems a bit too big for me, but it's doing an OK job of compressing my chest and upper abdomen.

I'm slightly concerned with my left breast having a bit of pocket fat left over at the bottom and there being a similar irregularity under my right chest wall/above upper abs, but I think a lot of this will go down/even out, especially with the added compression coming tomorrow.

I'm taking my painkillers (4x/day), paracetamol (8x/day), antibiotics (3x/day), along with constipation tablets at night - although I've still only been once in the last 4 days.

I'm extremely sore all over, and can see myself taking a while to get up to scratch, but I'm taking it easy whilst remaining upright for periods of the day which seems to help 'loosen things up' in terms of soreness. On a scale of 1-10, in terms of how happy I am at this stage of recovery, I'd say a good 7/10. Would add another two points if the swelling (or is it fat?) in the lower abdomen and flanks area wasn't quite so prominent. But I really can't complain, I look 100% in better shape already and I hope the results continue to improve.

My chest is flat (wore a tshirt without compression for a couple of minutes) and this is all I've ever wanted. Doesn't feel like there's any gland remaining, touch wood there's enough left to not create 'crater nipples'.

I asked for definition in my abdomen, and whilst this wasn't VASER HD, I feel I've got more than enough from this procedure. I can feel my abs without tensing, although there isn't much muscle separation. That'll come once I work that area out, so I'm extremely happy with how tight my upper (and lower, to an extent) abs seem to be.

I've added a picture. Will hope to keep you updated, especially when I get all the pictures back from the clinic.

I go in for my MLD massage on Friday, along with my follow-up on the same day, where they'll hopefully remove all the dressing and I'll be get the all clear to shower, will also see my scars for the first time and nipple symmetry, and this is what I'm really nervous about!

Conveniently I burnt my hand on the grill yesterday, whilst cooking and its left me with a 6mm burn scar. Will be interesting to compare the scars in relation to this and the healing times too.

'Fat' at bottom of lower abdomen?

Forgot to mention, the surgeon told me he removed 3L of fat. I don't know if that's pure fat or a mix of tumescent liquid, blood and fat. I was a bit shocked at first, since I thought there was a litre or so each on the flanks, another two litres on the abdomen and probably half a litre on the chest of 'pure fat'. I expected him to take out more, but I guess with natural results in mind, he was quite conservative and I'm probably reaping the benefits of it now with what seems like an easier-than-I-thought recovery period.

Just did a sit down test and whilst my tummy seems fairly tight standing up, I still have a roll of fat at the bottom of my lower abdomen, especially noticeable whilst sitting down. I can't really tell if it's swelling or fluids due to a lack of compression or fat that's been left over. I did stress to the doctor pre-surgery that I was conscious of any rolls I have when sitting down and essentially want a flat toned stomach whilst sitting down. The upper seems to perfectly fit this criteria and he's done a great job with it, but the lower fat and flanks flab still seems to be there. I'm really hoping its just swelling. To me, it feels sore but definitely feels like fat. My lower abs used to go in quite a lot when lying down, so I'm hoping the doc, on the OP table, didn't take it as it being a flat tummy when standing up too.

Has anyone, who underwent the same procedure, been worried about lower belly / flank fat and did it start to disappear after a while?

I love tight clothing and the 'muscle fit' shirts/tshirts, and I was hoping I'd be able to buy these and wear them confidently (even had a £340 shopping basket for new clothes saved!). If my flanks and stomach don't improve too much, I'm afraid that won't really be a possibility.

Looking down at my body, the chest and upper abdomen are near ideal to what I was expecting, but then it seems the bottom half hasn't quite got the whole memo just yet. I know gravity's at work after VASER, with regards to swelling, but I'm getting extremely concerned and working myself up about it since my last update. Reading all the reviews here before, I was solidly in the "I would never complain about small irregularities as long as I'm 80% happy with it" camp and found some of the reviews almost too negative despite seemingly great results. Now I know why!

Measurements-wise, I've lost 3-4 inches on the lower belly, 2 inches or so on the upper and 2 inches on the chest with a lot less flab. Although I did jiggle up and down a bit and it seems he didn't really touch the upper chest which seemed to move around flab-like. I'm hoping this all tightens up well and am fairly positive overall with my chest results.

This isn't much of an update, but I'm using this as more of a journal to document my thoughts day-by-day, so please do ignore if you wish...

Some more photos

Swelling or residual fat at bottom of chest and belly?

Compression garment

Just received the replacement garment in the post, from Macom via the clinic. Comparing this to the garment I was given straight after post OP (and the one I wore for the first 4 days) is light and day. I actually feel compressed, rather than wearing a vest over the top of me. It's tight, but so much more comfortable too. Wonder how much better my swelling would have been if I were given the correct one to start with (was given an XXL, the new one is L and I can fasten it to the tightest all across).

Really really hope an error like this hasn't compromised my whole recovery, especially with regards to the lower abdomen and flanks. Am impressed with how swiftly they resolved it after letting them know, but still pissed off that they did all their measurements and measured me to get an XXL garment, especially when I fit into a regular large fit tshirt pre-op! XXL was always going to be way too large, when my chest measured at about 41 inches and my waist at 38 pre-op.

Feel so much better in this one, actively feel like it's making a difference to my skin retraction, evening out irregularities, blood circulation and swelling. Would have probably slept a lot easier with this on too.

Anyways, here's hoping my recovery accelerates now it's been rectified. Does anyone think the initial 4 days of practically non-compression could cause damage to the final results?

Post-Op Day 5

So I did something stupid which may have set my recovery back somewhat.

I was told by the nurses not to shower for a week, however the surgeon himself wrote on the discharge sheet that I should shower after three days, so I went ahead and did that today.

I stupidly ignored the advice of taking off your garment lying down and staying out for a while before getting up and in the shower. So I got in the shower, started taking the two chest and abdomen dressing off and suddenly felt extremely faint. I've had a history of fainting episodes before and this ranks as the worst by far.

I sat down on the seat and, still dizzy, tried getting up and fell over. A couple of minutes later, got up to get out of the bathroom (still naked) to try and get to my bed - as lying down is the only thing that gets me through these episodes. But I fell over again and fairly hard. Had a fair bit of pain in the flanks area and my lower abs are quite sore as a result, but this may have been because I hadn't taken a painkiller for 8+ hours.

Anyways, as traumatic as that was, dried myself after I finally came around, and put some more dressing on the chest and belly button incisions. My nipples seem to have risen fairly well, but I'm quite cautious about how prominent the scars will be. They were certainly darker than I thought they would be, and I have very pale skin so it shows up quite a bit. I'm hoping this is due to dried blood, giving it a darker appearance. But we'll see.

Still have that area at the bottom of my belly and flanks I'm not completely happy with and I really don't know if it's swelling or fat. The right flank seems to have a bit more fullness at the bottom to it, although both do a bit more than I'd envisaged.

I have a foam insert under my garment, and it reaches from my chest to just above my belly button. The area under the foam seems to be tightening inwards quite well, so I'm wondering whether it's worth moving the insert lower down? But this may compromise the chest area and I don't really want that either.

Anyways, today's been a bit of a rough day so far and my sleep is still all over the place. But it's still early days and I'm cautiously optimistic about the outcome nevertheless.

Post-Op Day 6

Not much to report. Took my garment off earlier to help my skin breathe, and there was a clear indentation where the foam covered areas were. The areas uncovered (flanks and lower abdomen) were still more tender and raised, so I'm assuming it's swelling. My chest is near enough flat, so I moved the foam down to cover the lower abs and flanks. Hope I wake up with the swelling subsided somewhat.

Also quite itchy on my lower back and belly button, where the incisions were. Not sure if that's the nerves firing up again or just itchiness due to the garment rubbing up directly against it.

My flanks are probably the biggest area of concern. I have some stretch marks on here from previous weight loss, and it's the area that's bruised the most too. Feels almost like it's burning a bit.

Second week is when a lot of swelling goes down and the skin starts to properly retract, right? Hope in a week's time I have a clearer picture as to what my body will be like. I'm off all painkillers and antibiotics now, and just using Paracetamol when needed.

Haven't tried showering yet, since the last incident, but I'll probably give that a go tomorrow at some point.

Can't wait for all this to be over and for a proper feeling in my body once again so I can take the garment off and wear shirts that show a trimmer figure.

Post-Op: Day 7

Officially one week post-op today. Here are some photos.

Feeling quite uncomfortable in the flanks and lower abs still. The swelling is still there and I feel a bit bloated around these areas, as you can see in the pictures. I've had good and bad days really, where some days I'm liking my chest and others hoping there was a bit more removed at the bottom. Today I'm fairly okay with it, it's flat and that's all I've really wanted.

I think the skin has retracted well on the upper abdomen and it's reached pretty much near enough the end result. But I'm still sore to touch here, like I've had a massive abs work out, can tell there's trauma to the tissue.

My lower abdomen and flanks had the most fat, so I think skin retraction will take a bit longer. Add to that, I had pretty much no compression to these areas for the first 4 days, due to a faulty garment. I've now got the foam over these areas and the upper abs to help.

My right flank is the most troublesome, and I can feel a definite ridge. Hope it's not fluid build up, but it does feel like it. My left flank, whilst still swollen, is healing quite well and there isn't as much bruising as my right.

Off all medication now, so will just be taking Arnica tablets, Bromelain supplements and Vitamin C tablets.

Check-up Tomorrow

First check-up is tomorrow. I had a shower today, took off all the dressings and the mini band-aids under them. The scars looked really dark red through the tape before, but it was just dried blood for the most part, and I'm impressed with how small they are, especially for this time for my recovery. Few issues though: small indent where the left incision was made under my arm, for the Lipo to my chest, almost like a pinched effect. Appears to be somewhat of an indent in both nipple areas. My nipples definitely aren't outwards at all, but in small areas near the incision, they're going in a bit much, almost 'unpumped' but I think this will improve over time.

I also didn't realise he used stitches all over, I assumed he didn't use drains because the incisions were left open. Turns out, that isn't the case - which I probably shouldn't have thought - since I had little to no draining at all for all of my incision sites barring my lower right in the pubic area.

That's also an area of concern for me. I feel like the stitches may not have been secure enough which lead to leaking (that is good, of course) but there appears to be a fluid build up here now, almost as if all the fluid in my system's trying to leave my body from that incision site. But it's not draining at all and instead getting bigger. The left side is OK - much smaller than the right and didn't leak at all post-op.

My flanks are still the most numb, I have little to almost no sensation here. The sensation is slightly better on the lower abdomen, probably 30% feeling of the feeling is back. Upper abdomen and chest at around 50% but progress is slow. Right flank is still extensively bruised and bloody in general, with quite a lot of swelling making the flanks not look as trim as they did first day post-OP.

My appetite returned today, and that's why I've probably been so bloated after 4-5 days of having a protein bar, a couple of bananas, pears and 3-4 litres of water daily as my diet.

Weight is down to 73-76kg. Was at around 77-80 pre-op. Which makes me think the swelling and fluid has mostly left my body, but at the same time, that's getting worse as the days go on.

Radio frequency

Had a session of radio frequency today, with a mini MLD massage after. The heat did pinch quite a bit on the tender spots, and there were some areas where it felt like it was going right through me, like an electric shock. But I feel so much better in the areas it treated (lower abs, flanks and some of upper abs). The lower abs aren't as bloated and swollen as they were before it. It seems to have helped with the evenness too, and the skin feels tighter overall making it look much flatter than it did even 5 hours ago.

I have 3 more sessions booked in, and I'll be having the radio frequency, along with the 3D Lipo roller and maybe cavitation too at each session. I was too sore for the rest today.

Nurse had a look at the incisions and said they still need to heal, but they all look very clean and normal for this stage. The sutures are dissolvable, but they haven't really done that yet. There's also a lot of it sticking out, so it may not fully dissolve and I'll be having this removed, if so, at my next C-U in a week's time, hopefully.

Been told to maybe not shower for a while, since I haven't yet healed and removing/adding dressing constantly risks infection. Just a strip wash.

On the whole she seemed pleased with it, and so did I with leaving the clinic. The Radio Frequency helped a lot with the loose skin that was creasing up somewhat, and I'm excited to see what it'll look like after the 4th and final session including the derma roller and cavitation too. Feeling fairly positive after the check up.

Small observation

Just an additional observation. My belly button pre-op was slightly to the left, feel like it's now further gone to the left. I'm assuming there's not much that can be done about this?

Post-Op Day 9

Chest is looking fine.

Post-Op Day 11

The hard lumps and tightness is really bothering me. Especially to the sides of the abdomen and the flanks. I'm using a massager bought of Amazon, for 5 minutes a day to help release some of the lumps, but I'm not sure how effective this is. Also trying dry body brushing straight after it, just as I did with CoolScultping - as it's supposed to help with lymphatic drainage. Will let you know how I get on in a couple of days with the lumps and swelling.

My bruising on the right flank seems to be going down rapidly. Still though, wish the flanks were tapered in a bit more. The right flank is still more full towards the bottom, so I think there's a bit of asymmetry overall.

I have a waist trainer (not a corset type, just with Velcro) for men coming tomorrow, that I'll try out under my garment.

My next post-op is on Friday. I'm really looking forward to it, if only to see how the result improves after. Hope some of the lumps can be kneaded out and the skin can be tightened. Also partly dreading it though, feel like it'll be extremely painful now my feeling is coming back somewhat, but I'll have to brave up through it.


Noticed my left pec has a bit more far left over. Jumping up and down slightly and I can see the left is definitely fuller. I had some asymmetry before the OP, with my right bigger, so I think the doc may have not balanced it quite as well.

I plan on losing about 5-10kg more, before bulking up with weights, so I guess that's when I'll be able to see the full extent.

Post-Op Day 13

Woke up today with my swelling fairly low. I slept with a waist trimmer belt with Velcro across my chest, fairly tight; and foam/cushion under my garment across the torso so I was nicely compressed all night. I haven't really been compressing the chest well enough for the past week and noticed it slightly sagging perhaps, so having the Velcro belt across it really did help.

I'm taking the foam and compression belt off in the mornings just to breathe a bit easier and be comfortable really, but I put this on during the day.

My main areas of concern are:

1) bit of a fat roll left behind possibly, under the chest

2) fullness of upper chest and under arm + armpit fat that wasn't touched

3) a hard lump on side of my left chest that doesn't feel like swelling

4) fullness of flanks ie. not as tapered in as I imagined

5) fat rolls still very much present when bending down or sitting down

The last point is probably the most troublesome for me. It's fairly flat when standing up, but sitting or even bending at a 45 degree makes me look big. I think the op's made me go from fat to skinny fat possibly. That's why I'm going to be going through a muscle building programme for 12 weeks once 4-5 weeks pass.

I have my second session of 3D Lipo tomorrow. Believe I'll be having cavitation, radio frequency, derma roller and an MLD massage. Also should be having my stitches removed and hopefully I receive the all clear to remove the dressings on my lower back, chest, sides, pubic area and belly button. The stitches are dissolvable, but I had a look the other day and they're still very much there.

Will post pictures then, as it will officially be 2 weeks post-OP. I looked a lot better after my last 3D session, so I'm hoping for a similar or better improvement this time around, with the cavitation too which seems to offer 2cm+ loss. I think I'm on my way to a flat stomach with definition showing somewhat, and a lot of people seem to transform quite well between 2-6 weeks.

I have things planned for the second week of September, when I'll be 6 weeks into my recovery, and I'm hoping by then I'll be near enough to how I envisaged myself post surgery.

Taking a multi vitamin + extra vitamin c + bromelain x 3 every day. No need for the arnica now I don't think, as there's very little bruising all across. Have been off painkillers since day 5, and off Paracetamol for the past few days too, so it's very much a waiting game now.

My diet hasn't been as good recently, but starting today I'm paying extra attention to it. Chicken Brest / Turkey steaks + veg for all my meals.

Will update this tomorrow.

2nd 3D Lipo - Post-Op Day 14

Had my second session of radio frequency. Stung a little but nowhere near as bad as the first time. Had this done on my chest and abs. No cavitation, as this may affect the lipo results negatively/unevenly.

The 3D-Dermology (which I didn't have the first time around) completely killed me. A handheld device with two rollers, a vacuum in the middle sucking the skin and RF too. It's supposed to be a painless - only very mildly discomfortable. No chance. It was on 10%, but I couldn't bear it at all. My pain threshold is usually quite high, but this was something else entirely. Almost felt like someone was trying to pull my organs out. Think of the pain from waxing for the first time in a delicate area, only continuous and 10x more intense. Felt like my skin was being pulled out and a level of pain I haven't felt before!

She said this was quite unusual, but understandable considering the lipo I've had. I mean, even massaging the areas with my fingers *gently* has been extremely discomfortable since the surgery, so this was a whole level entirely that I wasn't ready for. I got through about two and a half minutes, out of what is supposed to be 20 (if you hadn't had lipo, and 5 minutes if you're really really tender). I tried gritting my teeth and carrying on, but there really was no chance I could've bared that any longer.

I have my third session in six days, and I'm supposed to be having it done again, in conjunction with the RF. I think the RF will be mostly/completely fine, but I'm seriously not looking forward to the 3D-Dermology. I'm fine with pain normally, but I'm dreading that appointment now. I was only on 10% today too. I'm supposed to be going to atleast 30-40% next time, and I really can't imagine how badly that's going to hurt.

Haven't been able to take pictures, sorry. Will update with it when I can, soon.

Post 3D Lipo

Wow. Just took my garment off to see what it looks like underneath and to take pictures, and I really couldn't bring myself to doing it. Looks awful. I look horribly deformed after that session. The swelling has gone down I think, which is why I'm able to see the contours easily. I'm so, so lumpy it's unbelievable. All hard lumps, in random patterns/areas. It looks as you'd imagine a bad liposuction carried out by an under-qualified doctor to look like.

I'm still only two weeks post OP, but I'm very very worried after seeing my stomach now. It just doesn't seem like it's natural at all, especially the amount of (very) hard lumps. Not natural at all.

I'm really hoping that this isn't close to the final result in any way, shape or form. I have a bad feeling, because the swelling seems to have gone down a bit and maybe now I'm able to see a more complete picture? I don't know. I feel slimmer after the session, but the lumps are really getting me worried. I'll try and update this daily from now on, until I see any progress with this.

Hope tomorrow's a better day as I'm fairly disheartened by the way it is now. Almost feel like I've ruined my body somewhat after this, and I really didn't expect to feel that way considering how good recovery has felt up until now!

Post-Op Day 18

Sorry about the nudity in the pics, have blurred as much as possible.

The lumpiness has evened out a bit, but it's still extremely hard, sore and tender all across my torso. The lumps are still very much there, but I feel they improve a bit after I use my deep tissue massager which I bought a couple of days ago.

I'm still too sore to use it directly on my skin, so I use it on the highest setting over my foam and garment, and feel like this is enough for now at least.

There's not much to report, I'm not feeling any more or less positive about it. Yesterday I felt as big as I was pre-procedure, but this seems to change daily. I'm not liking the fact I still seem to have a 'pouch' at the bottom of my lower abdomen, and I don't think the flanks are as tapered as I would like them to be, so I hope this only improves as time goes on.

My chest shape is OK, the shape of my right is better/more defined in the outside of the pec muscle, but not so much on the left. On the other hand, my left nipple incision is healing well and looks quite natural, my right looks like it's been surgically cut and stitched back together, which I'm not very keen on.

I go back for my third 3D Lipo massage on Thursday, but there's no way I can deal with the dermology roller. I'm still as tender as I was last time it was attempted, and will tell them so. I can just about deal with the radio frequency and a mild MLD, but that's it. Coming up to 3 weeks soon, and there's not much that has changed since week 2, upsettingly.

Post-Op Day 26

Hardness is still present. Left side of abdomen is the biggest trouble area, but in fairness, there's knots and hardness everywhere. Flanks are quite numb, and the right feels like it wasn't entirely treated. Seem to be getting the love handle appearance remaining. Still really swollen (I hope it's swelling), so much so that some days it almost looks like I haven't had anything done. Not very symmetrical at the moment, and still got a 'bulge'.

Chest is looking bigger. Feel like I have a seroma on my left pec, where the whole pec looks pointier too. I hope that isn't gland that has been left. Incisions are healing OK, although sometimes hurt/burn.

Not much has changed really. Go in for my second last massage tomorrow. Will post pics when I can.

Post-Op Week 6

So it's been a while since I updated. I'm 6 weeks/42 days post-op today. I imagine a lot of people who are following are pre-op and wondering about certain things so:

Do I look the way I thought I would, six weeks post-OP? No. I thought my stomach would be flat/wouldn't have a pouch at the bottom. I thought the swelling overall would have subsided by now. It hasn't.

There are days where I look literally the same as pre-OP (abdominally), purely from the swelling. Other days I look near flat, but still with ridges and hard lumps. I think I'm healing fairly slowly.

I'm tender in a lot of places, especially in the flanks. And, if for instance, someone patted me on the stomach, I would probably be in a bit of pain from that, which I thought wouldn't be the case six weeks post op.

I've had two more Radiofrequency treatments. The first one, she really dug into me and got a lot of the lumps and knots out and soften the scar tissue, the second one wasn't that helpful.

I'm hoping that once the lumps soften, it also means reduction in size in those areas, since if not, I would be extremely asymmetrical.

I think I need another three weeks or so, to tell how effective it's been for me.

In terms of the Gyno surgery, it's changed my life and given me confidence. It's not perfect, and I'm not too happy with how my nipples look but it's relatively flat, if not round in shape. It's at least a manlier looking chest allowing me to wear smaller tshirts and that's all I wanted originally. Again, I think this area swells up regularly so I don't think I've seen my final results yet.

I think I need another 3 weeks to start to realise how exactly my body is shaped, since this seems to regularly change.

4+ months post-op: Not Happy

4 months plus post-op now and I feel like I'm just as fat as before. Less in volume, but in terms of aesthetics.

I've been eating fairly well, working out, using my swelling garments intermittently, massaging regularly, including with ultrasound.

However. I still have large parts that are hard, and feel like scar tissue. This has especially collected at the bottom of my belly as you can see in the pics.

My gynecomastia, painfully, is still there. It seems to be getting pudgier and puffier as time goes on. When I raise my arms, I can't feel any gland behind (in my left I can a little), but when my arms are down in a natural position - man boobs, still.

I'm so disappointed. I went in for a follow up recently, only to be told a revision for the belly and chest would be around 6k. Are you serious?! I paid 7,600 the first time, I don't expect to pay an additional 6k over that, I may as well have had Vaser 4D / hi-def in that case.

I don't really know who to turn to at the moment. I've been losing weight, but the fat still seems to be constant over me.

For the next 3 months, im following a workout program and diet that I hope to enhance the results. I don't even mind the belly fat and lovehandles hanging over my clothes slightly (still), but the chest was a major deal for me - and the surgeon knew that. He said it was flat post-op, but he also said he only removed olive sized shape glands. I know for a fact mine would've been much bigger. I feel like it's tissue left over, or maybe a Seroma? I don't know. I'm just getting increasingly less confident because of it.

The first month was great, and now it's been getting worse over time. My confidence with my body was so high, and now I feel myself not being able to wear tshirts I've bought post-op, because the results didn't match up to what I thought I'd be getting.

What irks me most is that I've seen patients on here with a lot more fat and worse gyne pre-op, to get a much better result post-op.

What can I do?

Worst of all

I still can't be topless around anyone. That's one thing, as a man, I thought I'd be able to do post a surgery like this. I wont go as far as saying botched, but in terms of appearance, I'm still 'unusual' all across, especially my chest.


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