28 Years Old, Micro Lipo to Abdomen, Flanks, Arms - London, UK

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I have always had stubborn areas of fat around my...

I have always had stubborn areas of fat around my stomach and arms, since I was very young. After years of trying to hide behind baggy tops/cardigans, I decided to do something about it and give myself a kick start to a healthy new me.

I approached a clinic in London about vaser lipo, when I came across micro lipo - not as widely used but benefits including less downtime (you only have to wear the compression garment for a few days) and less bruising/swelling, safer due to local anesthesia. I discussed my arms and flanks/love handles, and the doctor recommended I also do my abdomen for a better all round result.

Pre-surgery measurements:
Weight - 62kg
Upper abdomen - ~32 inches
Lower abdomen - ~39.5 inches

The doctor recommended I get each area done in separate visits, so I am having the abdomen done first followed by the flanks, and then finally the arms, all a few days apart over a week.

Before my first procedure, I started taking arnicare tablets (6C) a few days prior to help with bruising, and the doctor also prescribed a week course of antibiotics, and a sedative to take the night before. I also have pain killers for as and when needed.

I had the first procedure yesterday. It wasn't as bad as I expected, injecting the tumescent fluid was a little uncomfortable, and it was quite fun to see all the fat coming out after - the doctor took out 2.5 litres fat/fluid in total, which is the max. for my weight. The procedure itself seemed relatively fast, I was awake the whole time chatting away with the doctor and nurse, and there was some good music on in the background too.

The worst part was definitelty the compression garment and binder- ouch! So tight at first and difficult to sit down/get up. When I got home I slept for most of the evening, but this left me wide awake during the night. I didn't have too much pain in my stomach, just more achey and sore in the early hours. I experienced a lot of back pain all night, possibly due to lying down a lot during the day or maybe due the compression garment.
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