Rhinoplasty, 25 Years Old. London, GB

I've hated my nose since I was a teenager, but...

I've hated my nose since I was a teenager, but never really had the money or real motivation to do anything about it. The main motivation in the end was seeing my face in pictures, which just made me depressed! It has become a family joke that I literally zoom in to every photo of me and force people to delete pictures that make my nose look huge. After researching rhinoplasty specialist surgeons in London, I found Ivo Gwanmesia on Real Self with 5 star reviews all round (there are only 10, which did concern me slightly. But I couldn't find any bad reviews of him on the Internet). I visited his website and saw a selection of before and after photos that I found to be impressive, especially considering the subtlety of his work. The last thing I want is to end up with a Michael Jackson nose that totally doesn't suit my face. My sister has already expressed concern that I'll come out looking like Jodie marsh, which was not very helpful. I also want to make sure I still look as much like me as possible. I had also looked into various companies like Transform, but found some bad reviews that really put me off. I decided to book a consultation with Ivo Gwanmesia and see what he had to say. (See review of consultation)


Went for my consultation with Ivo and he was very friendly, calm
and reassuring. I liked him as a person and felt like he was being honest. He told me I have a wide bridge but it doesn't seem wide because my nose projects out so much and that the nose will need to be broken in order to narrow the bones once the bump/hump has been filed down. I was quite surprised by this as the idea of breaking the nose freaks me out a bit. He said he only performs open rhinoplasty, which also concerned me as I am worried about a scar, but he assured me
it allows for more accuracy and enables him to make proper measurements, and the scar is a thin line that will be unnoticeable once it fades. He also asked whether I would like it to be straight or slightly curved. I initially wanted it straight but have since thought it might be better with a slight curve- I'm still undecided on this as I worry about having a ski slope nose, but I equally don't want it to be rigidly straight and masculine. Anyway, the consultation went well and by the end I felt he was the right surgeon for me so booked to have the procedure 2 weeks later on 27th Jan. The only thing that slightly concerns me is that he did not show me any computer imaging, or even a sketch of what it would look like as he said it gives unrealistic expectations. He has however said that he will make sure it is proportional to my facial features and looks natural. I'm desperate to have the surgery, but at the moment I wish I had a clearer idea of what to expect. I've seen quite a few before and after pictures and they all look very natural. As well as straightening the bump, and narrowing the bridge, he said he will lift the tip slightly.

Front view before photos (Rhinoplasty in 2 days)

Surgery is in 2 days, getting quite excited! Most nerves have subsided and I just can't wait for it to happen now. However, I've suddenly realised I've only really considered what changes I want made to my nose based on how it will make it look from a profile or 3/4 perspective. But I also really hate my nose from the front, especially in photos as because it projects out so much, cameras make it look bigger than it is. The bridge also seems to get wider and wider until it reaches the tip which makes the perspective look weird. From studying selfies, I also realised by nostrils are slightly asymmetrical- hoping this doesn't get worse after surgery as I hear a lot of people complain about asymmetric and flared nostrils after rhinoplasty. I'm hoping once the bridge is straightened and deprojected, it'll look more symmetrical from the front but I'm not sure how much can actually be done considering my nose seems to tilt to one side of my face slightly. Also unsure if I have a deviated septum. I think it'll just look better once it's closer to my face. Actually slightly laughing at this whole description, wish I knew the technicalities of why it looks so wrong from the front.

Rhinoplasty done!

So I've just got out of surgery. Still in hospital. Everyone has been really lovely, and I'm in bed taking selfies of my cast, as you do. Can't make out the shape through the cast which is annoying but the bruises are already starting to come through under my eyes. I'm
not in any pain really, just have that stingy feeling in my nose that you get at the start of a bad cold. Think I'm still a bit anaesthetised though. Feeling quite good but I know the worst is yet to come. Ivo came to visit me in recovery and then again in my room, and he said he will come in again tomorrow morning. Said the surgery went well, and weirdly that I have a small nose?! Never thought I'd hear that. I suppose once the jump was filed down it wasn't that big. Gonna take some Ibuprofen for my nose discomfort. Also, might need to change my pad under my nose already as blood is dripping onto my lip... Nice. Have uploaded some pics.

Bit of a scare

I was doing fine until about an hour ago when I felt a (v small) strange crackle/almost click in the left side of my nose/nostril and then it started bleeding more out of that nostril. I mentioned this to a nurse who then looked a little concerned and said she wasn't sure if it was straight. When I took the pad off I noticed my nostrils looked very different to how they had when I first saw them
Post surgery- they've gone from
Neat and symmetrical to further apart and wonky. Of course this worried me a lot and they rang my consultant as I requested to see him. Apparently he said its not possible for the nose to snap or move and that it could be swelling but not to worry and he will see
me in the morning. I did become very upset and concerned as
all I could see was the nose bent to the side, but after I calmed down and the doctor said he didn't think it had moved, I realised it did initially look slightly to the side and could be the cast. Not sure what to think but need to take my mind off it now. Have attached photos (initial pictures with blue pad under nose and the white ones are where I think
it has moved to the side slightly?).

Anxious: Nostrils have become uneven

Woke up to find my nostrils are even more uneven than before. Immediately after surgery they appeared very neat and symmetrical and I was really happy with them, so I can't understand how they have changed so quickly. I wonder, seeing as they looked perfect earlier, surely it must be swelling? I have heard that open rhinoplasty with tip refinement can cause uneven nostrils, but I assumed this would be apparent immediately if it was due to the surgical procedure, rather than a few hours later? Unless any stitched has ripped in my nose, and the nostrils collapsed somewhat or were pulled back apart, it think (hope) it must be swelling. I just don't know how my consultant will
be able to determine this so early on, and even if he can, whether he can put the stitch back in now, or whether I will have to wait for 6-12 months to consider revision? Feeling v anxious at the moment. Will update later today once I've seen my consultant. Photos attached.

Apparently just swelling

Ivo assured me this morning that it was just swelling, so I hope it's true. I wonder when they will start to even out. I'm not too worried about the bridge being swollen, but the nostrils look really different and I want them to look normal :( I know I have to be patient but it's hard because they're so noticeable. It's reassuring to hear that some others have also experienced this and theirs went down. Just Gotta wait it out I suppose. Eyes are ultra bruised and swollen right now, my little sister said I look like an avatar.

More pics of swelling

Day 3- swelling pictures

My eyes are so swollen today, I can barely see. I hope this gets better soon!

Chipmunk face

The eye swelling is slightly better now and I can actually see but it's falling down my face and the bruising has spread to my cheeks. My cheeks are all puffy and stiff and I look like a chipmunk. Heard this happens to some people though, think I'm just unlucky..

Hamster cheeks


Took some pictures of my profile from both sides without the drip pad on, bearing in mind my cheeks are black and blue and enormously swollen, I quite like the shape (but can't really see it properly due to the cast- I'm hoping the fact it looks a bit sloped down is due to the plastic cast, not the actual shape of the nose..) Anyway, it's a relief to see the hump is gone!

Day 5

Feeling a lot better today, less pain and facial swelling but still have chipmunk cheeks. Bruising has fallen to my jawline/neck now and I look like I have a 5 o'clock shadow, which is v attractive. Also have mad greasy hair and am constantly wearing pyjamas so look like I escaped a mental asylum! Have uploaded some photos. You can see one of my nostrils is completely full of dried blood, it feels really hard and you can see it's completely caked- I think the splint is also quite low in the nostril and may be affecting why they look so uneven? Can't wait to get them out now! Also, I've been a bit concerned as I'm day 5 now and my right nostril (the dried blood one) is still oozing a little- it's thick brown mucus/blood stuff that stretches out the base of the nostril when I dab it lightly with the gauze, I'm a bit worried I've broken a stitch or something but can't think how as I haven't done anything aggressive and have only lightly touched the base of the nostrils when attempting to dab clean. Just gotta wait and see what my surgeon says on Thursday...

Day 6

This morning my right nostril was really hurting, feels like a stinging pain and the oozing is still happening constantly (not a lot of it but it always seems to be dripping). Have emailed my surgeon as this was worrying me a bit. I can see and feel the stents really low down in the nostril and they're pretty uncomfortable. On the plus side, I've noticed my profile seems to be improving, the nostrils look slightly less weird and seem to have got less pig like today...

Day 7

It's day 7 and I'm getting my cast off tomorrow! So excited to finally be able to breathe and not have these horrible plastic things hurting my nose. And to have a proper shower. But I'm really nervous for the result.

I can feel the cast slightly loosening now and it looks a bit crooked, I can feel the sticky glue from the cast/tape around the edges of the cast when I touch my face, think it's ready to come off now. It's also frustrating me because I can't see the shape of my nose and it looks really chunky and shapeless because of the cast, so I don't know what to expect.

My eye bruising is slowly fading but very very slowly- I know bruising is supposed to be gone for the majority of rhinoplasty patients after 1 week, so slightly concerned that I still look this bad. My nose has finally stopped dripping blood though, which is a relief.

I just really can't wait for tomorrow now, and hoping I'll be happy with the shape.

Close up of eye bruising

So worried about this under eye bruising, it's so stubborn and really dark. Hope it's not hemosiderin staining. Why has this happened to me?? I have not seen anyone bruise this badly on the face, especially not 7 days post op.

Cast removal day- mixed emotions and MASSIVE swelling.

Got my cast off today. Feeling mixed emotions about it.

HATE the front view- but I'm desperately hoping this is just swelling. My bridge is so wide and the whole nose is really chunky and bulbous, and just looks like a blob on my face. But as I've bruised and swollen so badly around my eyes during recovery, hoping I've just had an extreme reaction and it'll go down. Also, as he broke the bones and did tip work, I've heard this can increase the amount of swelling.

Really like the profile views and some 3/4 angles as although the bump is completely gone (minus a tiny bump that I'm gonna hope is swelling for now), it still looks like my nose and I still look like me. from the left side, I look weird due to swelling high on the bridge that makes me look like an avatar/Star Trek alien.

Really don't know what to think at this stage as I think it's so swollen I can't really judge the shape properly.

Feeling pretty anxious as it looks bigger from the front than it did before! I really hope the bones were narrowed enough, and this is mainly swelling!

Have put some photos up. There were some far worse front view ones that I couldn't face putting up as they were so hideous, so imagine what you see but twice as bad and that's what it looks like in real life!

Cast removal photos!

It didn't upload the photos for
some reason, so I'm adding them here.

Day 11

So pleased that my swelling appears to be going down slowly but steadily every day. I'm also finding that it's most swollen in the morning and then gets better throughout the day, think that's because of lying down at night and the blood going to my head.

Been comparing photos and it's really obviously deflated since cast removal day, so hoping it'll continue to do so over the best week as its still quite swollen (but much better).

Under eye bruising is still lingering but seeing daily improvements and they're fading as well as shrinking. The jaw bruises and yellow cheeks are quite persistent though, really hoping they'll be gone soon!

I can feel a little bump on the right side of my bridge that I think is bone and you can see it slightly from 3/4 perspective, but not really from profile. Hope this is just swelling but don't think it is, it's not bothering me horrendously and hopefully will be less obvious once my nose settles, but I'll just wait and see. Either way, it's much better than it was.

Nose also looks a bit crooked/s shaped from the front in some
lighting but it was always slightly like that, and I don't mind too much. Will see what it's like once swelling subsides as probably have some uneven swelling too.

Overall really happy that it's getting better each day. And less freaked out by the horrible front view, as its not so horrible anymore! Still hoping for it to shrink significantly more, but confident it will now that I've seen how quickly it's already improved in the past few days!

Day 11 comparison photos

Have put up a picture comparing my nose immediately after cast removal (day 8) and today (day 11). I know the lighting is slightly different but I think it still shows a big reduction in swelling in only 3 days. Gives me hope! Still a long way to go though.

Before & After profile

Day 12- not feeling hopeful.

Today has been pretty awful, feel like my tip has dropped more than I would like (can't believe I was worried about it being too upturned!). It's only from certain angles, but I really hope it stops dropping now. I just don't know what will happen once the swelling keeps going down.

Also feeling pretty awful about my front view which is still hideous- and worse than before surgery in some photos. As the swelling has gone down the bump in my nose has become slightly more pronounced which is disappointing. This also makes my nose look really crooked from front view- I don't know if it's lopsidedly swollen or if it's the bone itself that's wonky, but it's really obvious in some light. I know it's early in recovery but it's not really improving.

Need to tell myself to stop analysing it in the mirror and photos but I can't resist!

Really want to speed up the decrease in swelling ASAP as I am desperate to feel okay enough to go out properly and see friends, which I don't want to do right now.

On the plus side, bruising is getting loads better and I think it'll be gone within the next few days to a week. Gonna hope for a better improvement tomorrow.

Bump on nose- swelling or bone?

Thought I'd upload some photos where you can see the bump. It's becoming more obvious as swelling reduces, which is discouraging.

Day 14- bump getting worse

My bump is getting worse and really starting to stress me out now. I don't think it's growing, but becoming more obvious as the swelling reduces. But it's starting to resemble my pre surgery nose again from my left 3/4 angle- not nearly as bad but bad enough that I'm concerned and unhappy with it. Still, I do know I'm early in recovery and there's a chance it will even out. Think I'm going to book an appointment with my surgeon for next week as he says photos are not 3D enough for him to assess it over email. Have uploaded some photos.

Day 14- profile view

The side view is much better than the 3/4 angle so it hasn't affected the profile, I don't understand why it's coming out the side???

Day 15- nose distorted

Feeling awful today, the bump is so obvious and from some angles actually makes it look like I have a huge hump nose, and makes it look like the tip is rotating downwards. I still love the profile though, so I don't understand why it's only the 3/4 and front angles that look bad. Have put some photos so you can see how it changes.

Day 18

Noticing the bump even more, and feel like one is starting to show on the other side too. My nose looks very wide from the front and this is exacerbated by the bumps poking out the side- it also makes it look less straight.

Have booked an appointment with my surgeon for a week's time. Want to find out what is causing this- I think it's either callus formation (though I don't know if you can grow these this early, as I saw the bump slightly on cast removal so it would haveto have already formed by day 8??) or the hump was only properly filed down from the profile and bits were missed on the side, hence why the profile is perfect and only the 3/4 and front view is still affected by it.

It's really bothering me and I just want to get it filed down ASAP, but know you have to wait at least 6 months to a year for a revision. I'm hoping it would only be a minor procedure that could potentially happen a bit earlier than that, but will have to wait and see what Dr Gwanmesia says when I see him.

Day 19

Bump is looking sharper today. Having said that, if it is something that's easily fixed in a smaller operation that I can have in 6 months time, then I'll be able to handle it. I just really want to know what it is, what needs to be done and how soon it can happen.

Other than this, my front view is improving daily as the swelling goes down and I think it'll look much better once the bump is gone. And all other angles are a vast improvement, so I'm still very happy I went through with the surgery. Just annoying I seem to have formed this huge bump!!!

1 months post op

I'm very conscious that I don't want to appear to be giving a bad review of my surgeon at this early stage in recovery. Everything I've said so far has been about my own anxieties, and it may very well be that these things resolve with swelling/time. I also believe that my nose has significantly improved from most angles, especially the profile which is a drastic improvement for me.

However, I will still honestly record my progress and any concerns. I've certainly felt encouraged when reading other people's stories and think they're really helpful for people considering/undergoing plastic surgery.

Anyway, I went to see my surgeon on Monday last week and explained my concerns about the large bone edge I can see/feel on the right side of my nose, and the wide dorsum. Unfortunately he didn't acknowledge the bump and said he couldn't see it. He was very dismissive of my concerns and put it down to swelling, which he believes will improve with time. He also said he wouldn't consider any revision surgery until at least a year post op as it isn't in the patient's interests to do it any earlier. This was disheartening to me as I really hoped I could get the bone shaved down in less time than that. I was really disappointed after the consultation but have since tried to look less in the mirror and not analyse it too much. I'm gonna try and compare swelling on a monthly basis instead of every day now!

Have uploaded my before and 1 month post op pics. Sorry for the ridiculous editing I've done for anonymity!

Swelling or Polly beak??

I thought I would update- I'm nearly 6 weeks post op now and my nose is still very swollen. I've noticed that there is now less of a curve in my profile and the supratip is getting more swollen and looking a bit polly beak like from my right side 3/4 view. I'm so paranoid I'm developing scar tissue there as it's definitely got worse! I don't really know what to do as my surgeon says I can't have steroids as they are dangerous and can cause atrophy to the skin and ruin results?

Really hope this is just swelling that will subside but it's freaking me out! It doesn't look that bad from the profile view, it's mostly visible from 3/4. I could live with how it is now but my main fear is that it will get worse and worse as time goes on!

This healing process is proving to be very long and stressful!

7 week update - not happy

Nose seems to be getting worse day by day. The bones on the bridge are really wide and my nose looks huge from the front. I noticed this morning when I got in the lift at work because the mirror is really harsh. I can see that it looks almost bent and the swelling is really big everywhere. I was expecting swelling to be slowly reducing, not getting worse? I don't know if it's all in my head but I just want it to go down and for the bones not to look so huge and wide.

My tip is still v swollen. I emailed may surgeon a few days ago but he hasn't responded- I'm really concerned about scar tissue building up in the supratip as there is a lump on one side and my tip almost looks bigger now. It also makes it look asymmetrical.

Still happy with my profile but it's more swollen than 1-3 weeks post cast removal when it looked a bit smaller.

Really wondering if I should get an injection to reduce swelling/scar tissue but I don't think my surgeon recommends it?

Hopefully it's all just swelling and it'll improve as time goes by but I'm not liking the front view at all right now.

Front view picture

Looks really swollen and a bit bent, and v wide bridge? I know it could be swelling but it's annoying me.

What has gone wrong?

Either something was done wrong in surgery or I have healed really badly and my nose is forming scar tissue / bones are separating. Something is definitely not right.

Not happy!

Worried I'm forming an inverted v deformity as have significant dent on the right side of my nose. It could be the bone sticking out that makes it look like that. It also makes it look v bent! And the bones are just so ridiculously wide, I can't see it getting any better as swelling subsides. Trying to be patient but it's just so hard when it feels like it's getting worse rather than better.

Nearly 1 year on - extremely unhappy with result.

I will write a more detailed account and add pictures also at a later date, but just thought I would update: I am now nearly one year post surgery and I am extremely unhappy with the front view - it looks awful. It is huge, disproportionate to my face, bones have not been narrowed enough and the tip is extremely bulbous and has dropped. It is also very asymmetrical and there is a dent in one side. I actually am more self conscious than before in photos as it looks deformed in pictures. My surgeon Ivo Gwanmesia has refused to consider revision and has been very rude and dismissive throughout the whole process. I have heard
from various other patients of his who have experienced the same treatment. I would advise anyone considering him NOT to go ahead
with surgery. I am now looking into revision with Lucian Ion and wish I had just gone for my primary with him in the first place. Consultation booked with Mr Ion in early March.

How do I change my review to 'Not Worth It' ?

I can't seem to click on the bit that says 'not sure' - I also want to give a star rating which I have not yet done.

Some photos of my botched Rhinoplasty by Ivo Gwanmesia

I wanted to upload some photos to exemplify what a terrible job Ivo Gwanmesia did on my nose - in the time I have not been active on this site (the last 6 months or so) I have received messages from various people considering him as their surgeon, and just wanted to provide some honest photographs for them to see so they can make an informed decision. I do not know how he is a 'top surgeon' on this site but it must be to do with marketing. I regret this rhinoplasty, and wish I had gone with a better, more experienced surgeon the first time around, rather than choose the cheaper option. I am now going to have to pay for an expensive revision, and go through the recovery process all over again, and I have wasted £4000.

Couple more photos I took at 3 months post op

11 months post op photos

Front view - HUGE

Just adding another photo to show how bad it looks from the front. It was FAR nicer before surgery.

Morph I created

I've just downloaded one of those apps and tried to make a morph - don't really know what I'm doing so it's not quite right (I couldn't make it straight) but it's basically the size and position I want it to be after the revision.

I may have made it too small, not sure! Even looking at this morph is making me realise what a terrible job Ivo has done on my nose - if the bones were narrowed correctly I would look a million times better..

Before surgery front view - so much better before!!!

Just been scrolling through some old photos of my nose from frontal view and I can't believe how much nicer it was before surgery - my nose looked half the size, and after Ivo Gwanmesia's rhinoplasty, I am left with a huge blob on my face. Yes, side profile is much improved but front on is terrible and I now feel worse than ever about my nose. I cannot wait to see Dr Ion and have reassurance that this can be fixed.


Have readded morph photo blocking out eyes, and also added a before and after of my original nose from the front compared with the hideous result of my first Rhinoplasty by Ivo Gwanmesia.

Re-adding photos but blocking out eyes.

Sorry I've deleted most photos from here but adding some back - basically just adding the ones I think illustrate the botched job that was done on my nose, despite a nice profile - please do not be fooled by profile improvement, it means nothing if accompanied by a botched front view.

If I could do it all again I would have gone to Dr Lucian Ion the first time around, and paid extra for an expert to make my nose look good from all angles.

Started another review to document my revision journey with Lucian Ion

Just updating to say that I've started a second review to document my revision with Lucian Ion - I have my consultation in March, and any updates regarding this will go on there; I'll be adding further pictures there to show progress and probably will only update this review regarding anything to do with Ivo Gwanmesia. I will update this review if Ion is able to give me an opinion on what Mr Gwanmesia has done, and what has gone wrong as I think it will be useful for anyone considering him as a surgeon.

Before any surgery and after first rhinoplasty

Just doing a comparison pic - nose looks so huge and wide now.

Before and After Photos

A few before and after photo illustrate what Ivo Gwanmesia has done to my nose. I genuinely wish I had never had surgery.
London Plastic Surgeon

Mr Gwanmesia is a rude, dismissive, unpleasant man who ruined my nose and refuses to acknowledge responsibility. I have booked a consultation with Lucian Ion to try and fix what Mr Gwanmesia has done. Mr Gwanmesia appeared conscientious during the initial consultation, until he had secured my money, at which point he became a horrible, intimidating man with no interest in my welfare whatsoever (I have heard similar testimony from at least 3 other patients). He has raised his voice (I would go as far as to say he shouted at me) on a number of occasions, brought me to tears during my 2 post op consultations, and actually said to me: 'you need to take your review down, do you have any idea what this is doing to my reputation?!'. I am miserable with my result, and he has not once listened to my concerns - I was continuously fobbed off with consultations that consisted of a cursory glance at my face from across the table, followed by 'you cannot tell the result until one year', after which I was practically pushed out of the room and told I was being dramatic. I stopped going to consultations because I wanted to wait until one year, when he could no longer use that excuse. It is now approaching one year post op, and my emails requesting a consultation to discuss revision had been ignored for weeks, until I threatened to publish an honest review on Real Self, after which he miraculously found the time to respond promptly with a suggested date, but made it clear that it would be no different to before, when he said (and I quote from his email): 'you cannot just decide a time of your own choosing and demand a revision'. He is an amateur plastic surgeon and a bully, and I entirely regret my surgery with him.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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