If Your Skin's Not Too Sensitive, It Will Work Wonders! - London, UK

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I got 2 free microdermabrasion treatments with my...

I got 2 free microdermabrasion treatments with my cosmetic dentistry package. Ive never really thought about having it cos I dont have any wrinkles (am in my late 20s), acne, or freckles. BUT, I do have big pores on my nose which attracts blackheads and whiteheads and quite an uneven skin complexion.

I was reluctant at first cos my sister tried micro and she didnt react well (her skin was really red and she found it pretty painful). My sister's the type that does all sorts to her face cos she wants to get rid of her acne scars, so I was quite surprised micro didnt work for her! I, on the other hand, dont do anything to my face, i.e. I only go for a facial once a year and I dont use exfoliator/toner/moisturiser, but after my first micro treatment my skin reacted very well. The redness went away within minutes and after drinking a fair amount of water and moisturising my skin well before bed, by the morning my complexion had really evened out and my pores were looking a lot smaller and tighter. I was so impressed!

Today I had my second treatment and the strength was turned up a little (which is apparently more beneficial). It was a bit more painful than last time (like having little bits of glass fired at your face) but not completely unbearable. My face was a bit red after, but it went after 10 minutes. It feels a little more sensitive so Ive put more moisturiser on, but its already really glowing.

Definitely the right kind of treatment for my skin, it might not be for you though so dont buy a course until youve had a first trial!


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