Post Lipo Scarring

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I had slim figure with saddlebags diet excersize...

I had slim figure with saddlebags diet excersize woiuld not fix.

I underwent Vaser lipo in feb 2009 on saddlebags and back of thighs and am happy with results apart from the scars. The incision sites were not sutured and the scars are a cm long of normal tissue surrounded by darkly pigmented skin which is not hypertrophic as such but hyperpigmented. Iam of indian origin and prone to skin pigmentation. This really getting me down as have 5 scars on each leg which are very noticable.

experienced a lot of bruising took 2 months to resolve and the skin is pigmented in the whole area procedure performed this is improving slightly.

Its been almost a year can i do anything to improve the scars? will they eventually fade? if the sites had been sutured i feel the scars would not have been as prominant as have had breast augmentation and scars faded in 6 mnths. can any laser be of use? please help!
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