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Hey I thought I would put my experience so far...

Hey I thought I would put my experience so far because before I had this procedure done I just wanted all the info possible regarding laser lipo! So here you go for people who are in two minds....

Firstly, the Dr you have is essential. I looked anywhere and everywhere for the best Dr and found it impossible making a choice. I came across a specialist is laser lipo who has been carrying out all types of liposuction for 25years and he was with a well known clinic called MYA. After lots and lots of investigating- I decided to go for it!!! I wanted this done for ages but family and friends always said I was silly etc and was lucky the way I was. I put it off for years (am 22years old now) I just figures that while I had the money and was still young then to go for it! Yes, there is always a risk it could go wrong but you only live once (not sure if that is a good way to look at it or not haha) but I had to keep reassuring myself I was in professional hands!!

Anyway... I went for the first talk with a lady who would just tell me about the procedure etc (wasn't a nurse or medical professional but she is the one who books your appt with Dr. This appt was in Bristol, she was lovely and had had laser lipo herself on her tummy and knees so I enjoyed it when she showed me them as I never saw laser lipo actually on someone in real life- only pics.

Seeing as though I am going travelling on 6th Jan 2013...I wanted to get this done asap!! This talk was on Tuesday 4th December. She said she would be able to book me in for the following week for my pre-op appt with Dr Kingdon (10th Dec) and then if all went well then I could have the procedure just 3 days later on 13th. I just went for it. I live in Exeter so this is only a couple of hours drive from bristol.

Went to the appt with Dr Kingdon on 10th...he was quick and to the point. I am fairly slim but have always had a belly so wanted 3 areas (upper and lower abdomen and flanks) he briefly lifted my top up and squidged my fat lol and then said it would be fine....asked me a few questions about my health (im a non smoker and no health issues etc so was straight forward) he explained the actual procedure would be held in London. I was literally a bag of nerves for those 3days.

I took a friend and left at 3.30 am on the Thursday as my appt was at 7.30am! When I arrived I was shaking with nerves. The lady I first saw was absolutely lovely. Then the nurse came who was also lovely and gave me two tablets to supposedly ease my nerves and make me sleepy ( yeah right! haha) she weighed me etc and then Dr Kingdon came in and marked me up. They took me straight through and lay me on the bed. I was SO close to ducking out but I kept remembering... "they know what they are doing" the initial injections did hurt and I was fairly uncomfortable. I also have quite sensative skin!

Big mistake watching all the youtube videos on how its done because I knew exactly what he was doing. I was tense the WHOLE way through and even though it wasn't actual pain- it was the thought of it and tge weirdest sensation. I HATED it. I didnt watch. Then he turned me on my front and did my back flanks. Two hours later and it was done. I looked down and my stomach was a huge jelly mound! I freaked out! The nurse explained it was all the adrenaline that they had injected into me and it needed to drain out. The incisions where tiny and barely noticable! I was a bit wired from the lack of sleep and what had just happened and I felt a sense of relief but also worry because a lot of reviews said they could see their flat tummy straight away!! They put the garment on and I lay in a room for a but with a drink and biscuit. They took 2litres out and it looked rank!

After having my blood pressure etc I was released. I couldnt even sit down from all the padding in the wrap garment. Nurse explained she would send the thinner garment via post which I could wear after 24 hours. I lay down on the drive back. No pain UNTIL 3 and a half hours later when I got home and I was laughing for ages when I got out the car which made my stomach burn and sting so badly. I was worried but it only lasted about 10mins. Since then it just aches like iv done lots of sit ups. I havent even needed to take the pain killers past day 2. I was so so looking forward to seeing my belly after the 24hours and was stomach was flat!! Int was obviously swollen but already so different. The leaking lasted 24hours...yuck!!

The garment came on day 2 after procedure so I wore that instead. Its now day 4 and im thrilled...i look forward to the 20mins a day that I can take off my garment and shower so I can look at my new tummy. I have posted before and after pics ( even wore the same clothes in both lol so u can really see). There is still a lot of swelling but already no rolls of fat. I cant big up my doctor enough!!! If u have the right surgeon then DEFINATELY do it!!!! Im going travelling in 3 weeks so can only have my 1 week check...hopefully will go smoothly. I will update my pics after a week.

Please leave any feedback :-)

Do it! You only live once!!! P.s- drink lots of water, no carbs for the first week while your not excercising and wear your garnent for longer than wearing mine for 4 weeks insteadof two because the longer the better!!!!

The cost is in pounds £4995

Uploading pics now. P.s- my camera lense is...

Uploading pics now. P.s- my camera lense is smashed so that explains the black splodges on the pics and also a bit blurry! Lol.

It is now DAY 5 and I have decided to wear both of...

It is now DAY 5 and I have decided to wear both of my garments for extra support...feels really nice. Incisions are healing nicely but still some swelling.

Now day 8 and noticed sone hard lumps 2 days ago...

Now day 8 and noticed sone hard lumps 2 days ago :-( cant see them but can feel. I am getting massages but I really hope they go!!!

7month Update

Bit random but was on the net and wanted to update myself after7 MONTHS!! Long time but still really happy- barely see scars- no lumps, smooth and slim!

7month pics

11 month Update

Hey, thought I would follow up on an update on here because to all you who are in two minds on whether to get Laser Lipo- DO IT!! As long as it is by somebody with a good reputation. Yes you do have uneven and bumpy bits for a while but now after nearly a year my stomach has completely flattened out and is exactly how I desired. I think it is true about it taking up to a year to show the full you go- just taken this picture :)

Another picture

18month Picture

Dr. Kingdon

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