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I have been doing IPL hair removal for the past...

I have been doing IPL hair removal for the past year. The first 4 sessions did work, hairs falling and really thin and growing slowly. But after 8 months, the 5th session onward, it started getting thicker and growing pretty fast.

I asked my salon and the said this will go back to normal and there is nothing to worry about, as they have had other clients with the same problem. I have spoken to a skin specialist, friend of mine, and he said IPL only works on some hairs and the others will only get thinner. But if you keep using it on the thinned hairs, again, it will make them thicker by circulating the blood in the hair cells and shocking them, hence thickening.

He advised me to stop it and start Laser treatment. Has anyone had the same experience? What should I do?

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