Invisalign - Metal Button for Elastic Has Inflamed my Gum - London, GB

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I was wondering if anyone could help. I am now on...

I was wondering if anyone could help. I am now on tray set number 6 and have just had my metal button added on one side so that I can use an elastic to correct an overbite (something I did not know about before undertaking treatment but oh well).
However, I have now had it for 2 days and I this morning could not get the elastic off the button. I eventually tugged it out but now cannot get it back in because my gum has inflamed around the metal button basically engulfing it. Is this normal to begin with? Should I just keep trying to get the elastic on or leave it off and see if the inflamation goes down?
Everytime I try and get it on, it just inflames the gum more and is now rather painful. Do I need to go back to my orthodontist?
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