Absolutely Worth It! I Hated my Crooked Teeth for Years

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I hated my crooked teeth for years. I had braces...

I hated my crooked teeth for years. I had braces on the lower teeth as a teenager, but not the top for some reason, so at the age of 24 I decided to do something about it.

I had my first braces fitted in may and I am nearing the end of my treatment-they come out in January. I am so pleased with the results. My smile has expanded and my teeth look straight. Invisalign was worth every penny. I feel happier and more confident with my smile.

I was very dubious when I first had them fitted- I thought they'd take a lot longer than the orthodontist recommended. But lo and behold, after 8 months, my teeth are straighter!

I hated the braces at first-they were painful and uncomfortable. I regretted my decision and wanted them out. But, I stuck it out after a a week I got used to them. Then month by month, they became easier to look after and handle.

My teeth look better with them in-they look healthier, so I will definitely consider veneers to even out the shape of my teeth.

I have a brilliant orthodontist. My denist was patient, calm, not condescending like other opions I had) and always available when I needed advice on my teeth. Credit to him for giving me my smile back-he was brilliant throughout my treatment. I owuld recommend him to anyone.

If you are considering Invisalign I would say do your research and find someone trustworthy and reputable. It makes all the difference when you are panicking about treatment, or have any questions.

Dr Athyr Al-Killidar, Marble Arch Dental in London

I had the best doctor-calm, trustworthy and always available to help with any worries/queestions. I would recommend him to anyone-a brilliant orthodontist.

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