Neck, face and brow lift with upper eyes - London, GB

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I've been skulking around on this site for a while...

I've been skulking around on this site for a while and I think that once we do this it's only a matter of time before we actually go ahead. I've been reading all the reviews for Dominic Bray and today I booked for facelift, eyes etc! The problem is that tonight, of all times, I have just read a bad review of his recent work. It's really terrified me - it's as if it's a sign. Why am I doing this to myself, supposing it goes wrong etc.

Today's the day

Just had a banana and rice cake, ok before 8am as my surgery is 1.30. I feel weird as if it's happening to someone else and have forgotten why I'm having it done! Not really but I think you understand. My husband is going to pick me up around 5.30/ 6pm if all goes to plan. Just sitting round waiting really as can't concentrate on doing anything useful. Let it begin!

I have attached one of the miserable photos- no wonder I'm always laughing, I daren't do anything else. However this is the no make up, nobody sees look Xx

On the other side

Now in hotel after the procedure. All fine and Dominic has visited with pillow building and little toothbrush.

I did not find the procedure that comfortable that was not because of pain but, for some reason, my back started aching and really got quite painful.

Anyway, it's over and full steam to recovery! I had face,neck and brow lift with upper blather. I was not due for the under chin, plas(?) can't think too clearly but Dominic decided to do this as he felt it would be better.

Day 1

Well it's the day after the op. Feeling absolutely fine in myself, eating - bit difficult to chew but not having any major problems so don't think I'll lose any weight unfortunately. Really wanted a cup of tea but banned from hot drinks.
I'm just starting to swell, I did ice all night - poor Room Service were bringing ice buckets regularly. I'm starting to get the alien look pointed chin and really wide face above.

I'm already bored and I know I've got days of watching Tv and no activity.

My face is soo tight at the temples and it's only just started!
Very exciting...

Day 4

I can't believe that I feel completely normal, you just get a big shock when you look in the mirror and this alien looks back. Biggest challenge is sleeping upright and I'm only getting a few hours a night. Funnily enough I'm not tired as I'm just sitting around all day trying to ice.

I'm not being quite as strict on the diet as I should, had gravy last night and a small piece of fish today. I'm following it about 90% which is better than nothing I think.

My neck is tender and tight and my right side and eye is more swollen than the left.
I'm taking arnica, bromelain and vitamin C. I'm not sure if they work but here's hoping.

I think the scars will be great as they look good and the stitches are tiny. I'm lubing them as instructed and the eye stitches will be taken out Monday together with a lymphatic massage session. On Wednesday the main stitches will be removed. At the moment I have a triangle face with a tiny chin and then getting wider as you go up.

Dominic has texted and phoned to check if all ok and that was very reassuring.

Day 5

All absolutely fine I think, swelling going down and bruising coming nicely down the neck. I've only bruised under one eye which has surprised me as I generally bruise badly.

Looking at my eye stitches there isn't just a thin line of stitches as I thought but each stitch has a raised almost white puffy area behind it. Hard to explain but it's not hot and I don't have any itching so I'm sure it's ok. I'm going to have my eye stitches out tomorrow so I don't know if this will make it more difficult or if it's normal. Maybe I put too much if the cream along the incision?

Husband away overnight so have just sat watching TV all day, I've discovered House but it starts to get a bit tedious after 9 episodes straight, well I did wake up at 5am!

Day 6

I travelled to London today to have the stitches removed from my eyes. Felt a bit vulnerable without the head bandage however stitch removal was painless and the lymphatic massage just wonderful. Then wondered round John Lewis and had lunch in their rooftop restaurant. Going back on Wednesday to see Dominic for the main stitch removal.
Excuse my hair in the photos, I can't wait to get it cut back into shape but grew it a bit longer for concealment reasons!

Day 7

Really bad night , I can't do this sleeping upright and it's just like when you have a baby and get snatches of a couple of hours sleep. Anyway, by 4 am I just wished it were later and felt very sorry for myself. Now that it's really morning and I've had a cup of tea,decaf, I'm feeling much better. It's funny how not sleeping seems worse than the chipmunk face. I just want to sleep!!!

Day 8

I woke up swollen or it could be that it's just not going down. When I smile you can see the wide, square face from the mouth upwards so I still look very alien and wide. Family would guess something as I just look different and not in a particularly good way. Any ideas how long till the swelling goes down?? Anything I can do?

Feeling great

I can't believe how great my neck looks, bruising clearing well and now the stitches are out the swelling and tightness feel a little better. I know it has to soften up so I'll have to wait for the final result.
Very personal comment - how long before sex??? I don't mean hanging from chandelier - any ideas? I didn't feel able to ask Dominic! This shot is without makeup and the bruising is around one eye and down the neck


Confirmed that it's ok but no chandeliers!

Day 9

Woke up and the uglies have struck! Photo without make up, obviously...Where I think some fluid must be draining down my cheekbone area below my eyes looks a bit weird. Tried dermablend plus gsoh powder to cover bruise below eye. I thought this was ok until I put my glasses on and it looks caked. I'll try just the powder tomorrow.


I forgot to mention that despite the real shiner under my right eye, my eyes look fantastic. Having the upper lids done and the brow lift has really opened them up.i keep looking in the mirror and am so pleased with them. Today's been a normal day, shopping, pedicure - I've got awful feet so seeing them with polish again was great. Not had my first drink yet as I thought I'd wait till the weekend. In fact I haven't missed it and was thinking that I might continue alcohol free but then it gets very boring when you go out.

Day 10

Feeling really great, it's amazing what 6 hours sleep can do for you - just good to be feeling normal. Face a bit tight at temples and swollen - you can see no lines from nose to mouth as they're puffed out. So very much a puffer fish look but eyes and chin looking very good. Still a bruise under right eye and some on neck but clearing every day.

Day 11

Not much to report apart from a bruise appearing under the other eye, I thought I'd got away with that. Still very puffy and swollen so hard yet to see final result.

Day 11

Latest photo - ignore unmade bed, husband photo!

Eye?? Day 12

I thought it was going too well! Something weird has happened at the outer corner of my right eye, left in photo, sort of a droopy overhang. Not sure about it, definitely don't want it...

Day 13

Not much too report really, which is good I think. I still have a large bruise on neck which is quite difficult to cover, and a tiny bruise under one eye. I am using arnica cream all the time and I'm sure it helps, even though Dominic doesn't agree! Face is numb at sides but only from top of ears to bottom so definitely improving. The main thing is the swollen roundish face, which if you didn't know me you wouldn't necessarily realise but close friends would definitely think I look very different. It does mean there are no lines around mouth or nose to mouth folds so I will be sorry to see those return. I started the skin regime at the weekend which adds about 15 minutes either end of your day!

Angry Ear? Day 14

The scars around one ear are a bit angry and slightly throbbing. I think it might be my fault as where the scab was I kept touching it. Didn't actually pick but without thinking I was sort of running a finger along it where a bit was loose.

Any ideas? Has anyone had this? Should I use a saline solution or just leave it alone.

Day 14 - unbelievable!

I was concerned re my ear during the evening so at 6.30 emailed the office. The office is now closed until 22 August but I thought it might be picked up. I asked should I use a saline solution.

Within 5 minutes Domjnic rang and asked me to send photos. He then rang back to say that he will return to the clinic and see me if I could get to London. I left at 7pm got there at 8.30 and Dominic gave me antibiotic cream and tablets. He said its nothing to worry about and will clear quickly. My ear was perfectly OK for 2 weeks and I know it was because I fiddled with the scab and then put cotton wool in my ear. This is apparently a wonderful way to breed germs! Be warned DO NOT FIDDLE!

I was home by 10pm - the most important and impressive part of this story is that Dominic is on holiday now and leaving for the airport in the morning. What other surgeon would do this?? He is truly exceptional.

Day 15 ear resolved!

I woke up this morning and visiting Dominic late last night seemed like a dream. Did it happen??? As I have the tablets and cream and my ear is already better it definitely did! Whilst I was there he took some more photos as it was exactly 2 weeks after the operation. He is really pleased with the healing so far. I do hope he has a wonderful holiday.

Day 16

I feel fantastic- there's just a refreshed, younger look about me and I can't stop looking in the mirror. Before, even when I was fully made up, when I glanced in the mirror I didn't like what I saw.

One challenge is my roots and we're not meant to use hair dye for a month or so. My hairdresser showed me a nifty trick with the Colour Wow product. Rather than try to match in the roots with their blonde product I use the mid brown and put in some brown at the roots and slightly down which breaks up the white roots and looks really natural.

Met Mum!

I went out for lunch with my Mum and son yesterday with no problem. It was Day 19 and although I still feel very tight round neck and numb in front of ears that's it. It sound immodest but I felt great and my mum, asked what make up I was using as i looked really good!
Dominic always emails your comparison photos but they're within the email and I can't seem to save them down so I can post them. Any ideas?

Befores and Afters

The After photos, taken at 14 days, are very unflattering but in real life I think I look better. The best thing for me is the eyes, I think the Brow lift really opened them up.

Neck - any ideas?

Some strange discolouration on my neck, directly under the scar. I'm not worried about the redness of the scar as it's early days, not quite 4 weeks. The area underneath is noticeable, sort of a reddish band running almost all the way across, sitting directly above a swollen whitefish area. It doesn't seem to be getting lighter and I don't think it can be more bruising this far in? Any ideas?
Dominic Bray

Well, what can I say that hasn't been said before. Just fantastic in every way and I would point to anyone who finds it hard to believe, this is an unsolicited review and Real Self has never been mentioned by Dominic or his team. Apart from the artistry, tiny stitches, good recovery etc the main thing is the constant care from beginning to end. Dominic speaks or texts you every day in those first difficult days and answers any text queries to his mobile phone within minutes. This is so reassuring. I had a slight ear infection, due to my fiddling, I spoke with Dominic at 7pm and he then went back to the clinic for 8.30pm to check this out before he went away the next morning. His care and costs include lympathic massage, skin care products and seeing you through the first year. A very different experience from my previous one.

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